Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010


Eclipse is showing in cinema this July 1!! Walaupon review kata tak se-best Twilight, tetappp mau tengokkk! yeahhh...pulun kejer bagai nak rak dulu, then reward myself with the movie later on! owhh can't wait for Knights and Day too and perhaps Toy Story too.....byk nyer reward hehehe

Saturday, June 26, 2010

May everything's good

for me and for you...
i've submitted the paper, applied for the fund...
let's just wait and see what does fate has to say...
now is to get this pending chapter done which is just bits more
then i'm back on my track!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

3-days workshop

Esok sampai rabu akan masuk 3-days workshop. Haihhh dalam sibuk2 ni, buleyy la pulak nak masuk workshop on PLS. Semuanya gara2 course free.....Prof dari US yg develop PLS software tu datang bagi free course tu yg grab the opportunity, otherwise kena berbayor ler kalau nak buat kat luar. hrmmm....bersedia la berasap2 kepala dan melangut...heheheh...sendiri yg sign up, sendiri mengomen bosan nak attend laks heheheh...entah2 aku mengelat per hahaha

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Gambar2 yg sangat cantik, sharp dan colorful ni sumer taken by fiesh with her Nikon D60. My camera hancus dah kalau amik belah malam..gelap langsung..hrmmm.....this is disturbing enough to someone who likes taking and being in pictures ahaks ahakss...Pegi vivid sydney ni last sunday, 13/6 lepas besday party si darwisy.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Memoirs of a day before

"years may pass and times may change...
as much as it look like you have forgotten all about me, somehow in my heart i feel you are always here by my side....
wishing you stay in my heart as a special friend forever..."

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Los Angeles piccas


Sunset Strip

Beverly Hills

areas that I passed thru

Santa Monica and baywatch beach

Madame Tussauds

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

San Francisco piccas part 1

the hilly street of SF and its famous cable car

somewhere at fisherman's wharf area with the most flat streets in SF. that one is the golden gate bridge, connecting SF and Marin county where one of the towns on the other side of the bridge is Sausilito that i went, a rather high income residential area

that's SF streetcar, kinda main transportation around the city besides buses. very classic, convenient, reliable but always full during my visits!

that is bay bridge, connecting SF and Oakland

sculpture of a sleeping woman on top of a hotel which i've forgotten the name of that hotel, union square, city hall with the buddhist statues of three heads & six arms in front of it courtesy of a gallery in new york, the 1st building of bank of america

that's the alcatrez island, a famous tourist spot as well but we didnt go. it was a place for prisoners as well in the old days

that very fine building with water fountain is the palace of fine arts. george lucas got his ideas for his star wars characters after spending some long lonely time watching and admiring the building arts. that gallileo high school was once famous with o.j. simpson, a famous american football player who was a student there and that field was once named after him but after the bad reputation that he seized through few cases, the name later was changed.

some of the shops and restaurants that are there at fisherman's wharf and pier 39, a famous spot. there were huge crowds in front of that french crepe cafe, watching the man make that delicous-looking crepes. and magnets shop is of course my all time favourite and yeap he's a lefty

the beautiful victorian homes in almost all areas of SF that i went

owh btw, tau takkkk...semalam tetiba dapat email dari graduate research school univ ni kata aku eligible utk apply grant utk pi memana conference utk tahun nih! and i was like, apakah?? aku ingat dah dapat yg gi US ni, kena tunggu laks tahun depan utk apply lagik...apakah ini tandanya aku akan berjalan2 lagik secara bersponsor in the near future?? hehehehe..ada satu conference yg bagus kat christchurch NZ ujung tahun ni yg sememangnya aku target nak submit paper (amin...) but ingat nak guna kpt nyer bajet disamping bodek2 head of school, school aku nih mana tau dapat ciput2 mana pon jadiiii laaaa buat top up.

Hat bajet kpt tu sekali dalam pengajian jer leh pakai and aku lom pakai agik portion aku hat tuh. Selama ni dok pulun pakai univ aku ni nyer bajet jer and sementelah dah ada invitation lagik nih kan...might as well try this one sbb dapat duit dalam iskkk..dateline paper submission ujung bulan ni and i havent started anything yet! doakan doakan aku sempat buat paper yg bagus and sempat submit and accepted and sempat apply grant ittew and approved! then...NZ here i come!! last bit nih! amin amin....

Univ aku nih byk dapat research grant sbb academic scholar sini mmg research-based..teaching hours depa sangat lah sikit..more time spent on doing research. We dont often see academics around..samada depa berkurung dalam bilik depa or tak datang school pon...sini sempoiii amat. Bila tiap sorang publish paper or present at a conference, univ akan dapat bajet lagi dari gomen ostolia. So utk small cases like me yg present paper cikai2 jer kat mesia dulu, kat sydney olympic park dulu (tragedi coach hehehe) dan kat US ni, school aku akan submit application utk apply agik duit...and that's how it goes...and that reminds me i have to submit my paper proceeding to margot who've asked for it since monday morning! aaa kena ker school larrr niiii!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Portland piccas

Just like i said earlier....Portland is pretty much a quiet city, quiet and sweet.

Hari kedua akhir kat Portland haritu (Khamis), check in kat marriot hotel...masa ni pagi lagi dalam kol 10am gitu....bilik hotel nyer ok cantik tp harap jer mahal, facilities tak best..baik lagi dok hotel murah and all facilities ada..wireless pon free. Neway, lepas check in sumer, gi turun register kejap kat conference hall tu..terserempak ngan my sv. VBeno nyer aku nak ngelak dari jumpa dia sbb ingat register then chalo jenjalan last shot sekitar mana yg lom terjah kat Portland tu..tetiba depa tgh tea break laks terserempak la ngan dia..hehehe tegur2 sembang2 tanya bila sampai and all that.. terkujat aku tengok tangan dia ber ampu kain..kisahnya dia kata dia ter slip kat airport as it was raining and drizzling over there masa tu kan. Kisahnya laks, he was supposed to present a paper which he co authored with another lady (tak kenal saper) whom on last minute notice, couldnt make it to the conference.

M siap bagi permission lagik, buley jer gi jenjalan..this is considered your vacation as well H..haa dah dapat lampu ijau tu apa lagik kan kannn..chalo laa jenjalan belah2 waterfront area tu laks (nearby hotel)...yg ni bukan betul2 city ctr sgt la...but still dalam area of free streetcar routes tu....malam sesambil dinner fish and chips depan tv, baru lar aku terkedek2 kuar segala mala slides, presentation text nak tengok hahaha, kejap dok kat meja dia, kejap kat carpet ngadap tv, kejap ataih katil baca membaca..and hat ataih katil tu harus la aku lebuh tertido kan.

The next morning (the day) aku jaga awal (mmg kunci jam sesiap dah sbb dah tau sure lebuh tertidoq nyer)....baca2 lagi last minit..iron2 baju tudung sumer..get ready..minum kopi..(owh ya breakfast tak cover tuh).....then turun ker conference room setengah jam awal...masa sampai the room was still empty, so masukkan ppt file aku ker lappy dia and sit and read and relax. Then sorang demi sorang sampai, termasuk lah Dr Norizan tu. M sv aku pon ada sama. Audience tak baper ramai..habis presentation, sembang2 kejap ngan delegates yg lain..ada sorang prof dari Canberra ni approach aku kata nak attach phd student dia ngan aku..not really attach laa..nak soh budak tu contact aku and discuss2 sbb area dia similar with mine..AHAH!! baru tingat nak kena email Prof tu..aku ni bawak sebemban business cards tp bila kuor dari bilik hotel ker conference room tu, tukaq handbag langsungggg lupa nak bawak..depa yg bagi depa punyer instead. owh earlier hotel, breakfast was just coffee and they provided muffins, croissants and sandwiches..but of course we only ate plain toasted bread& butter and with some fruits.

Then lepas tu terus check out, terus chalo ker airport....sekian lah ngan Portland.....

It's almost 2am and i cant sleep..oh well, i slept early just now and woke up and wide awake....but gotto force myself to sleep as i need to go to school tomorrow...need to settle with students' evaluations, markings, carrymarks and all...then the plan is next week baru start again on thesis writing....owhh it's freezingggg....haiii...aku doa dan berangan ni...harap2 ada lar pulak chance aku utk present paper kat UK laks..nak merasa laks gi sana bersponsor..harap nak gi bercuti-cutian duit sendreyy tu hrmphh aku tak baper yakin mana tau ada rezeki aku di masa depan kan tetiba ada paper aku accepted kat UK nyer conference...amin amin...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm home!!

Yeah..alhamdulillah dah selamat sampai sydney, touchdown dalam kol 6am tadi. Kat kastam everything's good. Semalam depart from LA international airport at 10.20pm 4/6 and sampai sini 6/6. Sesampai umah, kuar baju utk laundry then terus tidoq zzzzz...bangun semula gi taste of thai lunch...sepanjang 11 hari kat sana, skali jer makan nasik heheheh. Selebihnya, fillet of fish..dan lagi dan lagi dan lagi..lain2 seafood like shrimp and calamari. Okeh till later. Ni nak tengok and sort out all documents and whatevernots...sweet memories remains....

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hollywood, here i am and....checking out from USA

Okeh sambung sikit.

Pepagi tadi cek out dari American's best value inns kat Anaheim, amik Amtrak train terus ker LA union station yg amik masa sejam perjalanan. Then amik commuter ker vermont/sunset and check in kat hotel ni. Lepas refresh ourselves, makan sesiap then kuor balik, commuter station tu walking distance jer. Kami ker hollywood! hehehe jenjalan situ, masuk wax museum, masuk ripley's, masuk hollywood guinness world of record. Pehtu, beli tiket LA hop on hop off yg buleu gi all route nyer and tadi gi ronda city sightseeing. Kat hollywood boulevard tadi ada press conference citer The A team laks, siap ada karpet merah cameras and all. So traffic gaks la kat situ ngan fan and press waiting for the actors to come. Kami tak nunggu lar, terus naik bus tu jer. So pusing2 LA, tak sempat nak hop off for today and i doubt i have time to do that for tomorrow. So rasa2 nya jer ronda2 jer and tengok and amik gambo dari atas bus jer nih.

Okess...esok plannyer nak amik route bus yg ker Santa Monica and Universal studios then nak ke airport dah nak berangkat pulang uhukkkk percutian ku akan berakhir! Tadi dah sebut2 dah..aisehh nak kena tengok kejer balik dah lepas nih uhukk...plannyer check out awal pagi, tumpang letak luggage kat reception and jalan. Then amik luggage and amik train ker airport.

Ok doakan safe trip home for us and see ya in sydney!

~Hollywood, 11.30pm 3/6 Thursday

Disneyland, fantastic!!

Awal pagi dah kuor ker Disneyland..patutnyer check out, lepas ronda2 sakan nak ker LA terus..just tumpang letak luggage jer ka reception tu, dah tanya and boleh jer..tapi last minit tuko plan, amik one more night kat situ supaya leh pusing puas2 kat situ hhehehe....

Ingatkan tak la ramai org sbb dah lepas cuti public hols, dah lepas weken dan belum start cuti skolah agik..idak jugakkkk..leh tahan ramai jugak..but still ok lagi kalau nak compare kat SF haritu. Tu diahhh aku nyer teruja usah nak cakap laa..hihihihi...cantikkkkkk...colors and rumah2 dia hehehehe snappy2..masuk fantasyland, tomorrowland, new orleans square, disney toontown..fantasyland and toontown paling chomel cute sangat rumah2 dia and kaler2 dia....nak amik gambo ngan minnie mouse, ramai sgt queue nyer maleh lahh..dah lah ada sehari jer taktentu boleh kaver tak jadik..amik gambo dia dari kejauhan ajer..then gi rumah nickey mouse hahahaha ngalahkan kids ekk. Kat fantasyland, masuk segala mala pinochio la, sleeping beauty castle, mr toads, peter pan and snow white. Fantasyland yg first masuk sbb teruja tgk castle dia yg sunggoh chomel! hahaha awal2 tak ramai agik sgt queue..ok la. Pastu gi tomorrowland laks, then toontown then new orleans square masuk pirate's of the carribean and haunted mansion.

Okeh nanti sambung ngan gegambo laks yer..penat ni sebenonyer.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Backdate story on SF

Lepas checkout dari hotel marriot tu, amik flight ker San Francisco airport, check in laks kat The Mosser Hotel SF. Sini rasa relax sikit sbb akan spend the whole 4 days at the same hotel. Sampai pon dah petang, sesampai jer org ramai gaks kat city centre sbb ada cuti memorial day pada 31/5 hr isnin tu. Kami terus ke hotel jer yg terletak right at the heart of the city centre. Aku mmg suker amik motel/inn yg kat tengah2 ni sokmonyer, senang and kitaorg most of the days, kuor awal pagi lepas bekpes and balik petang sblm malam. Mmg betui lah senang banyak kalau travel during summer ni just like melbourne dulu, waktu siang dia panjang so byk masa sket nak jenjalan and also waktu semayang pon jarak2 sgt, sempat jer balik hotel buat jamak. Convenient walaupon daytime tu terik la jugak sikit kan. Tapi kat sini walaupon sunny tak terik sgt agik. Ada satu hari tu jer, singgah hotel tengah2 haritu charge battery camera hihihi boleh la out pulak..then aku pong sempat nap 20 minit, pehtu refresh ourselves and kuor balik sampai malam. Yang ni nunggu train malam tu diahh..punyer ler ramai org..train sampai takleh nak berenti sbb dah penuh sgt, sib baik the one after that accept gaks kitaorg. Penuh cam sardin dah streetcar tu.

Sabtu and ahad kami perabih masa naik bus hop on hop off tu. Senang sikit sbb dia bawak ke tempat2 landmarks and attractions dia. Takyah pkir sangat, rasa nak benti..benti. So, basically dah cover la most of the places kat SF tu such as golden gate bridge @ Golden Gate; Sausilito, small town at Sausilito..macam harbour la jugak..tempat ni macam tempat org kaya2, rumah cantik2...then ker Alamo Square, kawasan rumah2 victorian yg cantik2 and depa istilahkan kat situ, postcard photo area. Normally tourist gi situ amik gambo..mmg cantik. Owh btw, kebanyakan rumah2 kat SF ni all victorian built..mmg cantik..three storey most of them and besar2, kaler design cantik2. Ada amik gambo later nanti aku upload ekk bila dah balik. Then gi mana lagi..fisherman's wharf, mmg centre of macam ala2 gold coast kot..or ermm perhaps mini batu feringgi area...HRC sini, restaurants and shops sini, ada piers baper byk eks dalam 45 kot sini, and kawasan tepi laut..restoran seafood sumer sini. Sini tu diahh mmg ramai org wehhhh..especially weekend kan and also isnin tu memorial day depa, mmg ramai gilosss org. Bahasa yg aku dengo pon byk yg non-english and rupa tourist2 tu pon ramai gaks yg non-whites. Ha tp bezanya ngan Portland, kat sini walaupon ramai giloss org..still rasa secure and safe. People are moving all the time, tp still jaga2 jugak handbag and backpack tu kan. Org yg mintak2 duit macam kat Portland tu tak byk, i think we're approached by less than 5 sepanjang kat sini. And also, kalau kat Portland org sana ramah2 tegur2 sumer where are u guys from and all that, sini org buat tak heran sbb sini almost majority visitors.

Public transportation mmg easy, accurate and reliable. Senang nak ke mana2..streetcar, buses sumer pakai letrik, ha tp public transport fare depa mahai lagik dari Portland. Portland tu, city ctr dia free jer train tu sama macam melbourne gaks..but sini kena bayar 2 dollar but last for 1.30 hrs gi lah mana2 dalam jangkamasa tu still valid. Ok la jugak tp best lagik Portland in this sense. Hah mmg betui sini ada tax yewww....harga barang2 sama ngan kat Portland kalau same item same brand..cuma bila masuk tax, 8% kot kalau tak silap..jadik tinggi sikit lar price dia kan. Aku walaupon dah beli2 gaks kat Portland, sini rembat gaks itu ini..handbag aku jer dah sakan hihihihi..pelbagai perisa..ada makowsky, ada michael kors, ada coach gaks sumer tu cheap cheap and on sale punyer..kecuali coach jer yg dok atas rak..ahakss..aku kalau dah berkenan tu, payah sket lar kan kan heheheh ada gaks beli itu ini agik..pedia tah..tshirt kot, jeans pon rembat gaks agik, all of which were on sale tags. Makanyer, luggage pong kena lar hangkut gaks kan kan amran mmg dah target nak cari beli samsonite and victorinox bag hihihi. Owh yea, shopping tu agenda aku hari ke-3 iaitu hr isnin.

Ha apa lagi nak citer..nantilah aku citer2 agik with gambo once balik nanti eks senang sket..ada few more places aku gi. Ni hapdet express giler hehehe
Ok daaa...

~Disneyland, 9.45pm 1/6 Tuesday

Hello Disneyland!

yeahh..baru sampai ker Disneyland, my next place in the itinerary. Lepas check out dari The Mosser Hotel kat SF tadik, amik BART train terus ker airport. Depart from SF tadi kol 12.40pm ngan United flyers, kali ni boeing so luas sket lar and arrived in LA airport around 2pm. Amik Disneyland shuttle bus right to the hotel here, alhamdulillah. It's sunny here, with occassional breeze.

Okes, ni nak gi ronda2 japs area Disneyland tu..plan nyer tak masuk agik, esok br meronda the whole day supaya hanya bayo skali entrance jer...puluh2 gaks nak kena bayonyer cost esp when our pocket dah berlobang2 dek sopping2 activity kat Portland and SF ihikss...alrightyy, mlm kang kalau rajin aku nak update citer2 SF okkeyy..see how.

~Disneyland, 4.55pm 1/6 Tuesday

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

San Francisco, awesome!!

Gorgeous city and i was out most of my daytime touring SF. Penat banget tp satisfied! Banyak nak citer2 tp tak larat banget nih, nanti later2 lah ekk. Alhamdulillah setakat ni both of us are doing ok and everything's good. Tomorrow akan check out dari SF nih, amik flight ke LA semula, doakan kami yea. Will update once i regain my energy!

~ San Francisco, 8.30pm 31/5 Monday.