Friday, August 29, 2008

Salam Ramadan & Salam Merdeka

To all readers...

Selamat berpuasa Ramadan...

Maaf Zahir dan Batin aku pinta...

Puasa elok2 tauuu hehe.. dan..jangan ngantok2 kat opis tauuu hahaha *ni pesan kat diri sendiri benonyer kekeke*..bulan puasa ni sahih aku masuk tidoq awal punyer..err macam sekarang2 ni tak tidoq awai kan heheh

Boleh dak nak wish gaks, selamat buat kueh raya kekekeke.. sure ada yg dah nak gi beli butter dah tu kan huhu puasa sehari pon belom, aku dah ingat kueh raya iza, bat, fudhla, ayu, DL *mu buat ke nyahhh ke mu buat kueh tunjuk ajor kihkihkih* among others * nama delinn tak yah sebut..sama jer ngan aku hahah*, mana2 yg gemor buat kueh raya tu... hangpa mesti look forward gak eks hihih..jgn lupa kawan di rantauan yach! *hint hint!*. Eh eh.. rasa macam nak anto ke salam perantauan laaa.. saper2 nak nama mereka di mention dalam ucapanku, sila tinggalkan nama dan no ic opssss ic takyah! kekekeke

eh ehh syoknyer eks....baru pasan eks..nanti time aku dah kenyang, lepak2 lepas berbuka tu..buleh chatting-chatting jap ngan u ols kan..sambil berciter menu berbuka aku kan...air apa ku minum kan..pada u ols yg masa tu sedang gigih menanti waktu berbuka kuikuikui...opppssss baru jer mintak maap kat atas tadi tu kann... ampunnn lagi yach! hee hee

*serius mode balik*

also, Salam Kemerdekaan 31 Ogos ni yach! Aku maybe akan ke T*umbaloong P*ark, D*arling H*arbour hari merdeka tu.. ada M*alaysia F*est persembahan and Malaysian food yesss!

Ok daaaaaaa


Alhamdulillah, the draft proposal that consists of ch 1, 2 & 3 (without methodology) is finally done and submitted as planned to the sv for his review. Next in line - to work on A*NZMAC paper correction that should be completed by Wednesday or Thursday.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Nak ngadu kat blog lah...

Dear diary *eeeeuwwwwww getik! LOL*

Akhir-akhir ni badan aku macam sengal-sengal, sakit2 jer...macam tergeliat urat pon haaa kat bahu kanan, lengan kanan ni dah berhari-hari sakitnyer.. macam silap urat nih.. tapi no masseuse (spelling tah camno) kat sini yg aku boleh erm.. aku rasa mahal la spa kat sini...dok rasa, rasa tapi bukan nak cek rege nyer hiss.

Pastu 3, 4 hari kebelakangan ni macam berganjak sakit belakang pulak.. area belikat gitu ler....ada la buh minyak gak...hrm... ni ha 1,2 hari lepas pulak aku macam rasa tak larat badan jer.. especially now.. tak larat sangat rasanya... masalahnya, bia nak renung artikel ajer.. makin menjadi-jadi tak larat aku nih! hahahahah aku gelak dulu la yer sumer simtom-simtom penyakit M ni kekekekek owhh nak tambah gak lagi satu simtom M aku nih.. since smlm aku dok ngantukkk ajer kekeek...

Yang sebenarnya, aku rasa ada benda yg ganggu fikiran aku skrg nih... I mean.. the thing is at the back of my's either I havent identify it yet, or I have identified it but shoved it deeper or perhaps I pretend that I havent identify it yet huhuhu....apa mende alah nyer ada la kot...

Ada sembang ngan good fren kat YM recently.. dia keje and dia kata dia pon macam tgh mood boring + malas = demotivated gak skrg nih sbb ada menda yg dia nak buat tak dapat2.....ermmm....sama ler tu.

Okeh tuko topik.

Ramadan dah around the corner jer nih.. I am so looking forward to it...selain dpd the obvious reasons as most of us have preached, normally Ramadan is one of the months that I will be most productive at work. Pelik kan? Slalunyer ngantuk ajor kan? kekeke..but we'll see this time nyer Ramadan.

So kengkawan aku yg belah Pantai Timur and cik mek di Sintok nun serta BokD di Sg Petani nun, harini dah last day bekerja yg tak berpuasa semua u ols u ols..

"Selamat Menyambut Ramadan yang mulia, semoga amalan kita lebih dan lebih lagi diberkati di bulan ni.." serta...

"Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan yang ke 51"

...dengan pertanyaan skema..."sudah merdeka kah kita?"...erm..pastu, korang tanya aku balik..."merdeka dari apa yer?" dan aku pon mmg tokleh nak jawab soklan balas korang ni sebab......hanya diri kita sendiri jer yg boleh there are tonnes of answers to the question as it applies to our own individual context....

hisyyyy apa yg aku bebel nihhh???


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


1. DSAI for his bigger majority wins in the PP by-election last night! A victory that could be a belated birthday present to himself and the supporters, also could be a bigger reason for the supporting Malaysians to celebrate a merrier Merdeka Day 08!

2. Dr H*alina M*isran on the doctorate title! An undescribable achievement that you've made it through joy and tears!! *although she's not a reader to this blog huhu, I still want to mark it here*

3. myself due to my first paper acceptance in an international conference end of this year!! ...issue kecik jer ni as compared to the other two, so font pon kecik jer ler kekekeke.....ada corrections nak kena buat though so..*icon kepalaku berpusing dan mataku berpinor!*

Many, many congrats and it come with such a huge responsibility, may you hold this amanah and lead the nation towards jalan yg diredhai Allah s.w.t. *err..yg ni tatau nak cakap omputeh nyer camno kekekeek owhh tp utk wish ni, I'm excluded la eks, only for person 1 and 2 ajor kuikuikui*

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Citer skolah lagi..

Apa nak hapdet eks today? Aku kalo takde idea nak nulih, tp gatai tangan nak nulih jugak..*and nak mengelat dpd start menelaah* maka...citer pasal skolah lah eks!! Promise tak berjela.....sangat! :P

Takdak cerita lah.. except that yesterday, early in the morning I emailed my sv attaching my model that I thought I wanna finalize already. Because, after adding few more variables, I find it already too complicated! huhu!..and why I just show him my model is I wrote earlier he asked me whether I have finished writing or not and we havent seen each other *formally* for almost a a month, I was like telling him.. the write up will come I'm struggling with the writing...also, I'd like him to have a look at the diagram first and perhaps he could see the rationale and logic behind it while I continue on writing.

owhh by the way, my draft proposal to date has come to 70 pages already!!..that inclusive of research methods as well but then I still need to modify on this one also....jgn terkejut coz in U*NSW or specifically my school sebenarnya, the proposal range to be submitted is around 50-80 pages. Banyak tu kan as compared to other univs.. I know C*urtin make do dgn 10 pages proposal... and U*iTM (if I'm not mistaken) accept a proposal of 20 pages or so...hrm.. tu lah pasal aku tensen nak menulih nih!!! tapi keje aku tu still draft.. sure by time I get back from my sv..entah2 dah tinggal 35 pages je tah!

Of course, he has seen the earlier model but now that I have modify a bit... he is yet to read on my rationale behind it. He called me up yesterday and basically he agrees.....ermm dia ni manjang agree ajer.. aku riso juga actually nih..coz it doesnt mean my work is good or acceptable because..later, my work will be read by 2 other internal i mean like.. kena kat other readers kangggg, takut ada yg tak kena pulak kan...anyhow, finally it will be him, the sv who will make me graduate.

Selain itu, dia jugak komen on the presentation of the model.. aisehhh tu small matter la cecececeh..i'm more looking forward for the constructive feedback actually...anyway, smlm tu i just briefed him on the model..such as why I add this one, why I change the earlier ones and so forth....he just listened and kind of angguk-angguk...he also suggested that I look at Malaysian government policy pertaining to what I am doing..perhaps it can help in terms of the justification of 'why Malaysia'. Alamakk untuk ni, tak sempat rasanya to work out by this Friday.. I still have tonnes to write.

Anyhow, balik daripada tu.. as I continue on reading and thinking...a thought came across which tells me that I might need to omit one of the moderators that I recently put in...which is a good thing to me actually coz it means less work for me as I dont have to write on this yeahoooo! kekekeke

*ermm.. the moderator is only a term..sila abaikan ajor yah.. anyway, moderator adalah variable yg could affect the strength of relationship between A and B. ..ala-ala org ketiga laa research, the possibility of moderator perlu dikaji jugak because kita nak tengok sejauh mana hubungan itu kuat atau tidak, in other words, it could affect the outcome that we are looking at...owhhh so academic pulakkkk!!! okeh, full stop di sini.*

errr..dah full stop kan? apa lagi nak sambung? hihihi [owhhhhh!! berjela jugak!!..yer la kannn.. kalau aku buleh tulih berjela on my shopping fiesta..of course aku kena fair on writing about my study as well kannnn..*statement men-defendkan diri lagik!*]

Okeh.. Sekalung tahniah pada yg berjaya membaca from start up to this point *takde skip-skip* :P... Nah hadiahnyer....."muahhhhhh"...hahahaha... but now I realize..that, I should have post this entry in my academic blog instead of here!!..but I forgot my password..even my id!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Oopss I did it again!!

What now???

Here's the damage...

I dont have any jug or tea pot yet.. yeap.. a year that I have been residing here.. havent got one..except for one plastic-bought-at-reject-shop jar...used through thick and thin, through cold and hot my point? *LOL* So, I thought with hari raya coming.. might want to get a proper one..thee hee hee..

Bought at Q*ueen V*ictoria B*asement (factory outlet for Q*ueen V*ictoria S*hopping B*uilding that's located in the heart of Sydney CBD)

the jug ...close to 20 dollars by Benzer..*aimed to be used through hot and cold as well* heheeh

Now, this cocktail bowl serves 3 functions, and that's the reason why I rembat this thing besides the price...close to 25 dollars. 1. It can function as cocktail bowl; 2. As cake holder (yg tapak dia tu); and 3. As the cake cover (gy jadik cocktail bowl tu). Practical, isnt it? *sengih*

Okay, this one and the one below are cheap items bought at, where else, my favourite place, T*he W*orld K*itchen aka correlle nyer outlet. That apple *or other similar fruits* cutter by Ekco, is just so practical that I can't resist it! With one cut, the fruit is cut into 8 parts with the middle one is discarded as well. You dont have to manually cut it piece by piece and nak buang yg tengah some more.....And the price... not even 5 dollars! * owhh now teesh, I am playing the promoter again!*

Ni hasilnya...

Ahhh this one..with the price of not more than 10 dollars by Chicago Cutlery, the task of chopping whatever herbs, garlic whatever will just take minutes!

See...they are not expensive items..*statement men-defense diri sendiri :P*....(and peeps, if u're having that thought....cut that out....coz, all these are bought either from my paycheck or Amran's. We didnt usik our allowance as they are put aside solely for makan, utilities and savings).

Sekian rancangan 'What's in Hazelsyd's kitchen today'...and now u can change the channel....*LOL*

Sunday, August 24, 2008

About Bat

Semalam masa aku tengah masak sambal tumis sotong malam tadi..sempat aku online and bior ajer YM aku on...dapat mesej dari Put..

Puteri Yusof (23-Aug-08 7:20:48 PM): alooo
Puteri Yusof (23-Aug-08 7:21:19 PM): ko tau dak bat, paps, abang kena denggi, gilir2 deme warded...bat dah keluar, now abang pulak
Ija (23-Aug-08 7:22:08 PM): haaaa
Ija (23-Aug-08 7:22:10 PM): ya Allah
Ija (23-Aug-08 7:22:12 PM): ye ker??
Ija (23-Aug-08 7:22:18 PM): sejak bila nih?
Ija (23-Aug-08 7:22:22 PM): patut la dia senyap ajer
Puteri Yusof (23-Aug-08 7:22:29 PM): bat masuk spital sejak senin kot. iza kasi tau aku
Puteri Yusof (23-Aug-08 7:22:32 PM): dia dah kuar

Terkejut dog aku..patut ler dia senyap.. haritu macam kata nak ber CCM lagi.. so ingatkan sedang berCCM....

Anyway, managed to call her yesterday...erm..dia nyer pletlet 48 masa tu tapi dia kena mintak discharge jugak sbb nak jaga anak sulung dia..paps baru kuor dari spital smlm jugak.. all due to denggi..isk...sian dia.. tengah down and sedih tu...

Semoga Bat dan keluarga cepat2 sihat balik..

p/s: hayyoo iza..awat tak habaq.. erm.. tp ko pon agaknye masih sentap kena 'kacau' eks hehehe.. ok dah ke noks?..yang Put pulak..tengah meloya tahap gaban tuh...

Friday, August 22, 2008


Before I start narrating, I warn you that this is a boring story to read, but not for me is non other than my ramblings about study again..right from the start down to the last line. Really! So, dont bother :) [ owhh after publishing, i realized it is such a loooong entry!]


D*aisy, among other colleaques, is the closest to me..because once she was seated next to me in this common room for a year. To me, she is an excellent student with excellent analytical and writing skills. However, when she accepted the assoc. lecturer position here, she then moved to another room that consists of only 2 occupants.

As we are both busy with our own with reading, writing, classes and assignments and whatnots while she with her reading, writing, teaching classes and its preparation and whatnots..only once in a while we get the chance to talk to each other. We always talked about our study mainly, our supervisors, this and that related to study mostly.

Earlier, she told me that she will be defending by end of this year.. that's great news I thought and that is the end of her 2nd year I can understand her pressure at the moment and she seems really busy and breathless. Yesterday, we called up and talked...I think I was asking her opinions on work-related issue, she explained bits and pieces...then.. suddenly she told me she is in a disaster! I asked, 'why?" because I thought she is progressing well. Then she said she's not sure if she can defend as planned. Because, she talked to P*aul, the head of school, showed him her model and explained a bit just to get other than her supervisor's opinion. What P*aul said was the reason why she think she couldnt make it this year.

He said that the model she presented is fine however he said the constructs in it are just too common that has been numerously studied under both similar and different contexts. Yes, of course the work she is doing is something genuine and novel but the constructs that she is going to use are too trivial. That's what he said. He also said that as such, she could have very little chance to get her work published and that is the trigger that makes her change her mind of defending. She said, at least once she want her paper to be published and mind you.. when the academics in U*NSW here talk about publishing papers, they mean the top tier journals.

So she said she's going to revamp her model..will still be pursuing her area but will be looking for other different constructs. Just like that. I mean....she has been working on developing that model alone for almost 2 years already and has been agreed by her supervisor but she is an ambitious student, she wants to get published in top tier journals as well....but knowing her, I know she'll be able to come out with something good *sure thing*'s just that her defense schedule might be postponed.

I have a different view actually. True, all of us doctoral student would want to publish in a top tier journal but to me personally, not at the expense of my study period. I would think it is better to defend early because we dont know of what will happen in the future once we are about to collect data. I've had experience for data collection and it is not an easy task. Not that I am thinking negatively on publishing papers or discourage people of pursuing so, but there are other journals that we could send in. I'm pretty sure at least once we'll get through. This doctoral program is actually a formal learning process of how to conduct a proper research. I would think that once one graduate from such program, he or she will work out to publish in top-tier journals. And to get through to Journal of M*arketing, J. of M*arketing R*research, J. of C*onsumer R*esearch, J. of the A*cademy of M*arketing S*cience, J. of R*etailing among others, are extremely difficult. I mean to say, there are other 2nd tier journals that are relatively good such as J. of I*nternational M*arketing, J. of B*usiness R*esearch among others that we can send in. I mean...iskk such a pressure lah. But..yeah..I know many of my seniors here who were able to get through to the top-tier journals.

The difference with this univ is, they pre-scheduled for its students to defend not earlier than 1.5years. Yeap....that's the scenario here..Of course with classes and workloads, it is extremely difficult to do the defense in 6 months or 1 year but I know someone *elsewhere, no here* who have 8 courses but managed to go for data collection in 1 year.

However, I must admit that D*aisy and some of other seniors are in a different situation as compared to mine..because all of them are under own-funding. That's why they need to take up teaching job so as to sponsor their study...and that's why it is okay if they get a bit over the line...*so far that I know of, a few went over 4 years but many make it on the dot (4 years)*. Where as I am under scholarship and very much constrained by the study period that is lined in front of me. When I told them that the study period prescribed to me by our gov is 3 years... their jaws dropped for it is like impossible to complete one in such a period..owhhh but I know people who managed..with kids some more!

...hrmmm.....If you are wondering...the reason why I am blabbering about this issue is because.....I am disturbed with what happened to D*aisy and yeahhh worried! That's all.


See...dont say I didnt warn you if you're bored with the story thee hee hee. Thanx for reading anyway, peeps!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Tiba-tiba aku rasa macam nak ada baby..owhh sudahhh pon tah haper-haper lagi nih....and actually untuk aku get pregnant is not that easy like other woman..

I've had 2 misscarriage already and both were due to my condition at that time.. traveling, climb up and down the stairs *cannot help it coz I was working* and standing too long...and of course.. takde rezeki pon sama...with the 2 misscarriage, to be honest aku ada sedikit traumalah utk get pregnant lagi...well.. ada baby tu mmg ndak.. tp takot lah berulang lagi tu one thing la... and also iskkk time nak jatuh tuu.. sakitnyerrr...pulak tu the 2nd pregnancy tu.. Dr pelatih tu pegang apa benda tah macam muncung itik tu, stainless steel sejuk tu.. nak sodoknyer nak bukak katanya nak cek tengok janin tu.. gilerrr!!! aku mati2 kata tak nak.. sakit weii.. besi tuh! last last dia tunggu Dr in charge.. masa tu tengah mlm kat H*USM, Kelantan...tak lama lepas tu aku nak gi toilet and gedebushhh keluo hihi....tak sempat amik pon utk bersihkan and tanam...

Masa dari rumah nak ke spital tu... dari Machang - KB.. masyaallah.. rasa macam nak terbang melayang jer nak sampai ke spital tu...dah memulas2 sakit giler...kejap2 tu lak abah berenti isi myk la...yer la kan.. mana nak expect tgh2 mlm sakit kan...parents ada sama sbb.. sebulan sblm tu aku macam ada kena kacau sket kat umah tu tengah mlm.. so ketakotan.. maka mak abah aku temankan sebulan..tinggal cucu semua.....

Dua kali keguguran, dua kali yg bawak aku ke spital bukan Amran... he was in Ipoh..we had a long dstance marriage...dua kali tu jugak.. Amran sampai ke spital masa aku dah lega..i mean lepas dah jatuh la kan.... the first one i cried so hard..really hard.... but the second one, sikit pon tak nanges padahal the 2nd one dah 3 months..the first one was 6 weeks...yg ni macam air paip jer keluonyer...owhh citer pasal ni pulak!

So nowadays when people ask me about this.. I would answer that I'm still studying..and kena marah ngan depa huhuuu.. depa pesan kalau dapat, jgn tolak hihihihi...of course ler kan.. sape nak tolak rezeki...

Actually kan..sblm aku nak datang sini dulu.. I was checked positive to be masa tu terkezut plus mengong kejap coz....masa tu tinggal sebulan lagi kot nak fly ke sini...and..kat sini mmg mahal ler kalau ada kids.. skolah depa jer yg umur 5 tahun dah compulsory utk hantar ke kindies...rege nyer rasanya RM13000..around that figure la..setahun tu...elaun scholarship mana cover untuk i thought tak mampu lah..not knowing lagi Amran buleh dapat keje ke dak...tapi..minggu depan nyer aku cek lagi sekali utk confirm and finalize my decision to fly or not....tetiba negative first experience macam ni lah..erm.. takde rezeki for baby but on the other hand ada rezeki utk aku blajo kat oversea.. i look at it that way...

Aku just wonder.....kalau masa aku study ni and tetiba ada baby.... camner ler agaknye hidup aku eks...lagi kelam kabut ke gamak nyer? or lagi systematic and organize?..entahhhh....sbb skrg ni pon... kalau hari bekerja...pepagi tu mmg kelam kelibut aku prepare breakfast + lunch utk tapau.....yer lah.. kadang2 aku malas + penat nak masak belah malamnyer lepas balik dari school....balik dari school nyer..dah kecoh2 nak siap dinner pulak kan.... slalu jugak dah aku makan kat luar ajer..T*aste of T*hai tu dah kenal sangat ngan aku nih....tiap kali pegi mesti order chicken wings punyer...

Owh back to my earlier story tadi.....ermmm.. tu lah wondering jugak sure dah tak sebebas dan semanja ini dah lah kan kalau ada baby kihkihkih...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Academic ramblings...

I bumped into my sv the other day and he posed me one question that adds the nervousness that I am already feeling these few weeks...

"H, have you finished writing?"...he asked
"owh.. in the process.." I answered *LOL*

When I came back to my place, I thought OMG! he didnt even signal me anything concerning writing my proposal and suddenly asked! Well... I am in the writing process anyway as I've mentioned in earlier entries... but what if I have not started? What if, I just sit and read and keep on doing the analysis on those papers and still try to find more gaps that could enrich my work? What if?? Currently, I am doing both at the same time..*that explains the pressure I am at the moment*... writing plus reading plus searching for more theoretical background to support my ideas/proposed model. My present state is kind of like cacing kepanasan....huhuuu nak-nak pulak lepas kena leteaq dek lecturer sorang nun di Sintok nun! hanjjjj okey!! kussss semangat! hahahaha

errr... actually.. that's what I am now...coz my due date is approaching real soon and.. as I read and read and analyze, I got further led into that dark, longggg tunnel and discover more issues, factors and many a time, several different and confusing paths. So somehow, I feel like I kept on going left and right, left and right in terms of what I wanted to add in my initial one time, I feel like.."arghh just make do with what i had already developed and finalize this"... but many times I feel like .."there are more to discover".. hrm.. now I am not sure if I can make it to complete a draft by Merdeka Day.

Anyhow, back to my earlier circumstance with my sv, when I voice out my intention to expand the model, ... basically his response was..

"...put that in writing and show me and then we'll see from there"..

Also... I have started to have dreams *or rather nightmares* about my proposal....many a time, upon celik mata belum bangun dari katil lagi, my brain has started zooming into my proposal already...huwaahhh!! sei lor! wa sudah manyak takot wooo ini macammm *icon ketor-ketor gigi*

The only good thing that make me feel a tiny, weeny bit better this week is that.... my sv also mentioned that J*ohn told P*am, the postgrad director who later informed my sv, that J*ohn is really impressed with my work and believe that I have made such a good progress. J*ohn is a respectable professor who is very well known in Australia as well as in Europe...hikhikhik.. ni jer laa penyedap hati...tapi mimpi tetap mimpi tuhhh!!!

On a lightening note, are the only two real birthday cards that I received for this year... not too bad actually coz as compared to last year....I only received a birthday letter from Amran!! kekekeke, who at the time hasn't worked yet.

The purple one, by Delinn while the other one, by DL.

Okay later peeps! Doakan agar idea-idea bernas mengalir dengan lancarnya dalam kepala aku nih yer. Thanks in advance!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend activities....

...erm..Amran dapat tax return for a year that he has been working.... only aud700 were deducted, the rest were returned....alhamdulillah, as a token of love and appreciation (kekekeke!!) he bought me this handbag..the one that I can never afford to buy from my own paycheck before this....rejeki, rejeki!!..well, probably I can consider this as a token of appreciation *owhh gataiiii la sangat kan!* for I was the one who did the tax-fill-in job for him hehehe..

So, last Saturday, we went to the QV*B in the search for one that satisfy my liking huhu.. I can promise you that it was him who was more enthutiastic of going than me...seriously!!..a girl guide's promise! *giggle gediks*. Since it is expensive *to me*, so I asked damn too many questions from the salesgirl and tried on just too many handbags that Amran finally surrender of giving me his opinion so he just sat at the sofa! LOL. Okay enuff bout that. After that, we walked up to the D*arling H*arbour..we got into this one jersey shop anddddd... yeap.. you can imagine the crazy look on his eyes upon seeing all those jerseys. Okay, that's for later dude!

Came home with a smile from ear to ear pasted on my face hehe. I was in the mood to try making pies using an electric pie maker, bought last week. I have always wanted to learn how to make the pies..and last week when I saw one electric maker at The G*ood G*uys, so I bought one S*unbeam. So I managed to make beef pies and apple pies. Senang ajor deh!

..errr senang-senang pon, hangit gaks aku nyer pie yg first batch nih kekeke.. ter leka buat the second batch hehe tetiba terhidu bau hangit.. rasa okey, cuma rupernyer ajor..timing lari sket.. takper.. next time tau dah ler..yang tak hangit 2 ketul tu, apple pies, the second batch..dah pandai tgk timing hehehe

Okeh.. so on Sunday, Amran as usual went to his badminton game while I just stayed at home, did a bit of study and a bit of cooking and cleaning in the kitchen...after lunch..we went to A*lexandria factory outlet - N*ew B*alance (again!) to look for besday present that I've promised Delinn...well, when asked last week, she said she'd prefer a walking/sport shoes just like mine, buleyy??? Actually, when she came here last year, she wore my NB shoes and found sangat selesa *kami dua2 ni baru tau selesanyer berjalan ngan walking/sport shoes, sblm ni ala-ala feminin ngan hills opss heels bagai kekeke*

Alkisahnya, aku ngan Amran ponnn terrrrr rembat sorang sepasang at the outlet..alahhh yg murah2 ajor.. yg under clearance sale. So we bought. Amran yg putisss tu..kasut buat lenjan katanya...alasan sangat kan????? yg merah tu F*innex badminton shoes dia.

This one is for her...and also for me! kihkihkih. Aku beli gaks yg sebijik camni gaks sbb aku ter-berkenan ngeh ngeh ngeh. Leather tapi Amran kata leather shoes ni kalo kena air, teruk jadi nyer nanti, betui ke?? Ah aku blasah jugak beli!

..owhh bila tengok kasut yg okay-okay harganya ni..terus teringat kat abah aku..dia takde kasut yg elok2 pon buat jalan... yg dia dok pakai last time yg aku tgk pon dah teruk keadaannyer.. so aku beli ler sepasang kat dia..*dah pos dah pon tadi*

...erm.. tu jer la citernyer weken aktiviti kami.... errrr... kome ada baca dak tang mana2 tang aktiviti study aku?? wahahahahah aku study tauuuuuu..seriussss... girl guide's promise again!! *LOL*...



Happy Birthday someone, where ever you are in this wide, wide world.


Will update later this afternoon, or perhaps tomorrow.

Friday, August 15, 2008

F's proposal defense

Yesterday I attended F's proposal defense.. well...he did his MPhil here as well....The audience were not that many but the small room make it look like everybody in the SOM were present! He looked calm and confident though despite the tiny room for all of us...

When I took the first look at the topic, I was darn interested....his topic was not that far different from mine...luckily we are looking at different perspectives plus our exogenous variables are different........well.. I guess the area I am doing could be still considered as new and at its infancy stage... what's important is, I need to get it there before it moves on to the maturity stage...uhh pressure, pressure nih!

I think he presented very clearly, thorough and smooth yesterday....there were many questions though from the audience.. owh no.. basically from the profs and Drs. After the presentation, he came talking to me and Warat in my room....for one instant, I thought he looked a bit down, so I asked...he said he's worried with the result he'll be getting...well, I dont know but I told him that I thought he did make everything pretty clear in the presentation...however, he'll only get the result after 2 weeks or so..this time lambat coz he submit late of the proposal. By procedure, we need to submit a month before the scheduled date.. to give room for the examiners to read...

Attending this defense make me realized how far behind, how limited, how incomplete my study still is... iskk... scary!! But good thing that I attended so that I'll know what are the famous questions and so SOM here, I noticed questions on the conceptual model are the ones most frequently attacked/asked......not so on the methodology....which in contrary, when I was still in Malaysia... I think they seemed to be questioning more on the methodology.....

I think, in all defenses that I have attended so far in this SOM, the proposed theses are no simple, clear cut ones... in fact, I find that their models are really extraordinary.....I have seen other PhD theses or proposals of other schools' candidate *limited ones tho* that are much simpler than the ones my colleague are doing... goshh...makes me feel even more worried... that I need to make sure that mine is up to the standard as well......huhuuuu..

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A new what??? hehehe

Yeah.. so it was just a one day of thought of bercuti from blogging.. and it's not even really a cuti.. it's just a mere thought! haha! what an addict I have become huhuuuu..I just can't resist it.. my jari jemari are just so gatal to type something that probably of no relevance to readers hihihi..

I have been worried of my study progress, to be honest. Really, really slow like a kura-kura..entah-entah kura-kura is even faster than me... well.. I have got the working momentum up already.. but those genuine, fresh ideas are very slow to come....last semester it was due to assignment datelines and the tonnes of them that actually trigger me to be more organized and systematic plus hardworking in my research, knowing that I'll be having very little time to work on it..Now this semester..that I am pretty much free from all tight-weekly me into being such a lazy brain and lazy fingers hehehe..cannot like this oneeeee!!!

Anyhow, I am really, really grateful that I have made patches of work based on separate subtopics that I have been working on; on and off for the past 1 year..Really!..whenever I have free time *err do we??? kekekeke*, when I was just too bored to read, I would open a new blank word sheet and just type whatever subtopic I feel like writing without reference yet.. and later I add references that I can find to support.. so this has been going on for the past year....which later I sometimes ceduk and re-structure in order to fit them into a particular purpose... or I just leave it there in MyDocument. Thank God for that, that it helped me build a draft of whole picture.......and also thank God for the major assignments last semester *still remember* that I get to continue on from that point, alhamdulillah syukur.....although.. you my laziness in these past days...there are 1 or 2 ideas that God grant me I need to add that in my draft...I aim to submit this draft by the end of this month..harap2nyer lah..

Erm.. such a boring story for you, isnt it? Arghhhh but then what's the difference between today's and those previous ones?? actual fact, I just need to record the hardwork & the diffculties, the achievements & the happiness of my study milestones... so that, when I graduate and finally come home and working.. I would remember all these special moments that touched my study journey....and hope to pass the good ones to others while remind them not to repeat any of my mistakes, that's bear with me okay with these kind of entries.....

Thank you for reading and putting in readers and the comments and the new friends I made along the way are in fact part of my study milestones that I will cherish as well...

Okay.. signing off now..


owh owh owh!! Thank you DL for the lovely birthday card and the exotic kiss you put there!! kekeke I love it! *icon sedang menampal card tersebut di board di opisku ini*

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


...ermm....rasa macam nak bercuti dari blogging kejap... *err gatei ler sangat ekss*

...tak tau ler kot takat sehari or dua hari jer ke berehat nyer kan or even half day kan kuikuikui...errr kalo ni dah macam weken jer kan..break two days.. kikikiki mentara tu, enjoy this song...

You're still the one - Shania Twain

(When I first saw you, I saw love.
And the first time you touched me, I felt love.
And after
all this time, you're still the one I love.)
Looks like we made it
Look how far we've come my baby
We mighta took the long way
We knew we'd get there someday

They said, "I bet they'll never make it"
But just look at us holding on
We're still together still going strong

(You're still the one)
You're still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You're still the one I want for life
(You're still the one)
You're still the one that I love
The only one I dream of
You're still the one I kiss good night

Ain't nothin' better
We beat the odds together
I'm glad we didn't listen
Look at what we would be missin'

They said, "I bet they'll never make it"
But just look at us holding on
We're still together still going strong

(You're still the one)
You're still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You're still the one I want for life
(You're still the one)
You're still the one that I love
The only one I dream of
You're still the one I kiss good night

(You're still the one)
You're still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You're still the one I want for life
(You're still the one)
You're still the one that I love
The only one I dream of
You're still the one I kiss good night

...take care and i love u all....ngeh ngeh ngeh


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Birthday of a very, very, very special person !!!

....heheheeh sure korang bosan ekss.. asyik besday wishes jer untuk 3 hari berturut2.. besday saper pulak eks harini?? hehe

Happy Birthday mak !!

Walaupon definitely dia tak baca blog aku nih.. still aku nak letak kat sini jugak.. ekceli aku dah bergenang air mata nih....Aku hanya doakan dari kejauhan moga mak sihat2 selalu dan bahagia selalu dunia dan akhirat...amin....I love you, i love u, i love u !!!
In real, sebenonyer jarang aku cakap i love u kat sesaper pon..syusyah mau keluo dari ini mulut hehehe..but I'm sure she knows that I love her...terima kasih dia atas segala yang dia dah beri pada aku....

Okehh.. so rasanya that ends lah my birthdayvaganza hehehe untuk tiga hari berturut2...all celebrated by very important people in my life...

Hari Sabtu lepas, aku keluo ke factory2 outlet di kawasan Alexandria.. untuk mencari hadiah besday laaa kat si besday boy tu kan..walaupon haritu aku ada cakap takyah bagi laa tahun ni..student kan rasa tak best pulak.. so tanya dia apa yg dia perlukan sekarang..just name it and i'll buy he was contemplating between jersey and kasut...aku kata jersey tu...*dah la mahal satu kan!*hehe...baik tunggu la time later2 nanti..sbb aku pon nak beli gak jersey for myself.. so boleh beli sama jersey together-gether..jadi..kasut ler.. his walking shoes..dia ni suka beno ngan pegi sana, pegi sini..takde yg berkenan..last2 gi Eastgarden.. rembat sepasang by Everlasting nyer brand.. of kos aku tak kenal brand tu..dia kata brand boxing....ok blasahhh...janji dia yg pilih dan dia suka...

for him...

for her...

Hari Ahad tu on his besday...actually aku mmg dah letak plan apa nak buat harini...pepagi kami mengopi kat Krispy Kreme...sambil minum kopi..sambil makan donut yg lembut, sedap dan masih panas-panas lagi tu..sedappppp! first time mengopi breakfast kat sini..then..for lunch..kami ke Sydney Fish Market untuk seafood galore...walaupon harini besday si seafood galore tu macam aku nyer wish lak hahahaha! So we had ketam, udang, calamari, squid, and fish fillet all fried and grilled woooo..just my fav!!

Hari Isnin *semalam* besday aku pulak..we all keje and aku kat school ajer kan.. balik smlm..we had a special dinner at the newly opened Abg Sam's restaurant, 'Sam Satay'. Memang nak try pon...dah dengo2 citer la before this..katanya very classy and of course comes with the price la we went...dua orang makan kan...aud71...but we had berjenis2 lauk laa...the ambience is very nice...a high class looking restaurant.. which I think the target market would be of the medium class and above..however, Abg Sam and Ramsyah are brilliant in their plan that they also cater for more santai and cheaper food with another section opened for such for yesterday since it's special, we had a kind of romantic and candle light dinner lah kan sbb mmg ada lilin atas tetiap meja...

So tu jer lah.....terima kasih banyak2 pada semua yang wish aku.. terima kasih.. aku meng-amin kan doa2korang semua.. semoga termakbul insyaallah...I had really countless best wishes samada di YM, sms, phone call, facebook dan of course di blog ni.. I love u all...thank you so much for being my friend...

Kami beli kek kecik2 jenis lain2 ni instead of sebiji kek...tu letak lilin atas cheese cake tu bukan kojer aku tu tauuuu...aku tido, si partner aku yg arrange kan nih..

Monday, August 11, 2008

Birthdays of special people lagi!!!

Happy Birthday to myself !!
Happy Birthday to Delinn !!

So, harini birthday aku pulak...semalam birthday hubby aku hehehe.. so korang boleh imagin la camno me and Amran celebrate kan mlm 10/8 nak bawak ke 11/8 tu kan....tapi dalam keadaan tahun2 lepas *sejak berkawen nih* dan akan datang la eks.. time2 meks suci murni...laa ni meks tengah tak suci murni hahahaha....tahun ni aku claim dah hadiah aku awal2 lagi huhuuuuu...

Kami berdua lahir pada 11/8 subuh sepi'i.. Ina tengok dunia dulu at 5.15am and aku kemudian 5.45am...sampai ke saat mak aku nak bersalin..sumer taktau baby dalam pewot adalah kembar..sbb kami duduk atas, bawah..*paham2 jer la saper dok atas, saper bawah kannn hahahaah* instead of beradap2 tu kan..sumer dok kata *even the Doctors* yg ni baby besar...then Ina keluo dulu...pastu masa bidan nak tekan2 perut nak keluokan uri..tetiba baru tau ada sorang baby yg chomel lote lagi dalam uri tuh...*aku ler tuh*.. sib baik kan..kira boleh la aku tengok dunia kan... idak kalu.. korang tak kenal aku tau mak aku kata.. since sakit dah over masa keluokan Ina and also dah penat dah.. so nak keluokan aku tu ntah kena drip ke haper tah..aku tak tau...then.. baru ler aku keluo dgn terhegeh2nyer keekkeek..and also mak aku kata.. masa kitaorg dua ni nak keluo kan.. tak nyempat2 nak keluo hehehe.. mak aku tak dan nak tuko baju spital tu pon....hihihihi tu jer la sejarahnya...

Anyway, apa yg aku harapkan? Bersyukur di atas apa yg aku telah capai selama ni....alhamdulillah.....juga berharap agar aku ditambahkan keimanan pada Allah swt, dimurahkan rezeki...dipermudahkan urusan...berjaya dalam pengajian aku ni mengikut waktu yg kuharap2kan....serta berjaya dalam apa jua yang aku lakukan...amin...

Bouquet pink ni untuk aku sendiri...heheehe... manakala bouquet purple/lavendar ni untuk wish untuk Ina.. sama jugak macam aku.. semoga hidupnya mendapat keberkatan Allah swt...murah rezeki...berjaya dalam apa yg dilakukan.. serta cepat2 bertemu jodoh yer noks!!! amin....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Birthdays of special people!!

Abang sayang...

Happy Birthday to my beloved hubby, Amran..semoga diberkati hidupmu oleh Allah swt, ditambah keimanan pada Allah, dimurahkan rezeki dan semoga kekal bersama dan berbahagia selalu di samping isteri tercinta ke akhir hayat~ aku lah tu huhuuu amin..


Juga yg berkongsi tarikh birthday ni... Happy Birthday to Ilham..semoga hidupmu lebih diberkati, di tambah keimanan pada Allah swt, dimurahkan rezeki..success dalam apa yg di lakukan..dan may our friendship lasts forever..amin.. (p/s: aku tokleh nak bagi ko kek beb..sbb ko kan tgh on diet kekekekek)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday 08.08.08

Working mode switched on

Okes.. I think all of us had had enough with the photos posted in this blog for the past few days.. I just dont want to increase your envy on me muahahaha.

I need to seriously sit and do my work now.. I actually have started reading since the day I came back from Malaysia but.. you know.. kind of still in playful-and-holiday-mode kind of reading a result, constructing real work-related sentences and paragraphs for my literature review is one tough job! huhuuuuu. My sweet and romantic holiday-cum-honeymoon mood recently has started to switch into signs of stress when I noticed that my self-imposed due dates on certain topics have gone wayy behind schedule!! I am still struggling to build up the working momentum...syusyahhh la gini...huhuuu

Owh btw, I think is facing some kind of problem since few days back....the bloglist was not functioning all that good recently and also all my comments on one of my previous entries suddenly dissappeared..but i managed to read them in my email no worries on that..

Okay..later.. take care people! Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Australian War Memorial and The New Parliament House, Canberra 3/8/08

Dekat Bunkhouse Motel, masa nak check out

Dalam Australian War Memorial...yg ni meks kureng la minat nyer kannn.. tp cik abang meks ni minat sunggoh ngan muzium2 nih... so layan ajor la yer..

Di hadapan Australian War Memorial dan membelakangkan Parliament House

The Museum..

Kat Canberra Mosque..

The Parliament House

Kat roof of the Parliament House, overlooking Canberra city

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cockington Green Gardens, Canberra 3/8/08

Cockington Green Gardens adalah the first stop yg we all pegi. It feature beautiful English Village and many miniature international landmarks across the globe. Time kat sini yg di allocate kan hanya sejam.. aku rasa cam tak cukup sejam tu.. kalau u all pegi make it 2 hours baru puas tengok tiap satu miniatures tu plus bergambar2an lagi...

Ni dekat entrance dia..

Admission = aud15 per person for adult, children = aud8 per person

Yang ni miniature of Cockington Green itself.. besar lagi ni..

cute kan? gambo orang nak jatuh kat atas titi..


Ni bahagian international display...sponsored by participating embassies..




Membelakangkan bunga Kale yg bentuknya macam kobis..ropernya mmg come from cabbage family...


Soccer field..siap ada satu patung yg naked tengah padang sambil dikejar dan digari dek polis..

Membelakangkan monorail miniature that was moving at the time..