Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hello San Francisco!

I've safely arrived in SF around 6.30pm just now. Check out dari hotel dan amik train terus ker airport. Flight was okay, around 1.30 jam jer..and it was raining when we left Portland. bye bye Portland, dunno if i have the chance to visit you again.

Arrived in SF airport, everthing's good. Amik BART train terus ke hotel. Wahhh terus teruja tgk pandangan awal San Fran nih! Hotel room is very small tp not that cheap though. It's the location, that why.
Okess nanti sambung.

~San Francisco, 10.30pm 28/5 Friday

Signing off from Portland and San Francisco, here i come!!

Alhamdulillah i'm done with my presentation!! phewww...lega banget tujuan utama cuti2an ini telah tercapai...alhamdulillah. Entah kenapa kali ni nyer presentation takdak rasa nervous langsung, dari sydney haritu sampai lah ke pagi ni. Risau juga mulanya apesai laks..but i think i did well tadi in my presentation....hihihi ni sendreyy puji gaks laaa hoho..but but but....soon after the session ends, ada few omputehs come to me kata u did well just now..hehe aku pon tersengih2 buat2 la rendah diri kata i was very nervous especially when that was my first time presenting in a US conference hehehe..

And...tak sangka tul, ada jumpa melayu kat sini!! (owh lupa, bellboy sini pon islam, ada bagi salam masa dalam lift tadi). Aku memula ingat aku sorang jer laa melayu and especially bertudung...tengok2 masa aku tgh duduk2 tunggu chairperson panggei aku ke depan, datang Dr norizan..dia bukan bidang aku tp purposely datang my session utk jumpa aku dah sementelah malay kan. Dia keje kat Univ of Qatar dah, dulu kat MMU. Entah kenapa rasa cam dapat semangat sikit laks as that was in the nick of my presentation time dah. Sembang2 about my topic, and dia pon bagi idea dia sesikit..and owh yeah, ada 2 questions or rather suggestions from the floor. One of them i have actually incorporated in my data analysis pon. Dr norizan ni kata kat Amsterdam pon dia sangkut lama gaks kat immigration. In fact dia siap kena interrogation and lengthy questions sbb dia ni jenis slalu travel jer bila weekend or during holidays so passport and visa dia ada macam2 chop. Ada yg masuk saudi arabia tp tak nampak lak chop tu yg depa inquiry lama2 sikit tuh..

Neway, smlm buat apa ekk? ermm...semalam ronda2 last shot kat Portland ni..check in kat Marriot Waterfront hotel..tapi kan, dah la kettle takdak (they have coffee maker instead), internet bukan wireless and kena bayar laks tuh...13 dollar for 24 hours..being me, aku amik gaks la kan kan kan hehehe. So smlm tu gi oregon museum, jenjalan kat waterfront ni..snappy2 agik here and there...and yeap gi Clackamas Town Centre, a shopping outlets yg hr tu aku kata aku gi tp tak sempat explore lama tuh.

Weather was ok, tak ujan laks ok la...then balik hotel setelah discover takdak kettle so kitaorg kuor balik gi beli fish and chips for dinner at a nice restaurant terapung..and price pon nicey gaks lar heheheh

So ni nak prepare2 utk check out and take flight ker San Francisco laks! Hopefully everything's good there...feeling aku dah lapang dah ni sbb dah setel was really like a breeze jer presentation tadi, alhamdulillah.

~Portland 9.25am, 28/5 Friday

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Portland, after two days

Okay skang dah segor bugor to citer2..had good night sleep and i think my body has picked up the timing here. yes love! so i've experienced the jetlag yg sokmo disebut2 tu!! hahaha in fact my dear, jetlag is a topic that i frequently debated with my significant other here as he dont believe in that, he said it's all psychology to which i disagree! haha anyway yeahh he was all alright while i'm the one yg ngantuk2 jugak hohoho so was it really a psychology thing? hehhe

Neway, semalam pagi bangun lewat sampai terlepas waktu breakfast! then kuaq and guess where we went? another large, huge shopping area consist of many major departmental stores huhuuu aku bila dapat tau ja portland (and whole oregon) tpt duty free, maka aku takmau ketinggalan lah kan kan hehehe rather than buying expensive things in LA or SFO, might as well get it here. So ada la hangkut kawan tu hangkut oakley that he's eyed for, for so long for $160 when it's aud271...he also got himself an ipod touch for $145 cheaper than in oz, both of us got ourselves few pairs of levi's 501 for $38 each...ermm ada lar beli sling bag makowsky, victoria secret items which priced less than $15, so hangkut2 la jugakkk kan hihihihi...and owh yeah issey miyake large one at $40 less than in oz...ermm so now tgh pkir nak hangkut ittew coach ker dak..i've been eyeing this gorgeous shoulder bag which is sold at much cheaper price than in aud..dah tgk seploh kali dah you! and ni nak pkir lagi seploh kali nih whether betul or not the decision to hrmm....pkir ija pkir hehehehe

Then, we just sightseeing around Portland..well, Portland is a ermm relax town if i may say...tak der la busy, and tak nampak cam ramai sgt org's either the population is small or mmg org tak kuar2 sgt.....and i dont really see that many yuppies around (young urbans)...probably they are working or probably the place i hang out these days are not theirs...but this is city centre. And as for their houses, well..kecik2 jer..tak nampak lagi big exclusive ones, the buildings are also moderate, tak la skyscrapping sgt macam sydney. Perhaps i'll see this in LA and SFO. Ahh another thing is, sini tak la sebersih and neat like in sydney...yanie said last time, to compare LA and sydney, our place looks more organized and good. Portland ni pon camtu laa...

Weather like was just's spring going into summer nice nice the weather, but we still put on our jackets as it's been drizzling so kinda sejuk. Owh btw, we took bus yesterday, our first time on one..straight to the Washington Square Shopping Centre. Tak abes ronda, it was so big with so many outlets and stores..we only went to the ones that we target to buy things.

Balik hotel kejap and it was still cerah...then kuar balik to take a night walk to Powell's City of Books which located just a block away from our hotel. This place has received many good reviews and as a must go place in Portland. Well, it's a second hand bookstore and very very huge!! Few stories and takes up few blocks to itself! And yes, in it were various categories of books for sale as well as for read where they have a cute lil corner with tables and also coffee cart for visitors to sit and read. So i guess visitors who come here few days and got nothing to do, i think they'd spend their time here..especially when these whites are book other words, omputeh ni org2 yg membaca. Sama ngan in sydney, kita tgk bila depa tgh lepak2 tunggu bus, atas bus, train and sorts..mmg reading takdak keja lain dah.

Owh about places to go in Portland yea, there's nothing much to go here, true. Well..ada la tak banyak...and city dia biasa2 jer. But tell you ppl, homeless people sini ramaiiiiii. Many of them akan approach utk mintak duit like, 'sir, can u gimme a dollar for my coffee' and sorts. Even atas train pon ada yg mintak by chic who are young and okay looking. Ada one time tu, the city tram stopped at one stop bawah jambatan, boyyyy the homeless ppl who sleep under it were manyyy!. Semalam pulak masa tunggu bus tu, ada this black cakap sorang2 and the story he told the passerbys were like a story of himself, citer masa dia skolah dulu kala and also aku ada terdengar about girlfriend and boyfriend and break off, agaknya kisah dia breakoff ngan gepren dia kot heheheh aku pasang tinge jer la dengo citer dia but dare not pusing tgk dia hehehe...

Okay, tu jer nak check out from this cheap hotel, and nak check in to another yg mahal sket sbb conference tu held kat situ. Senang sket stay kat hotel tpt conference amik 1 mlm jer lah..mahal hihihi. Okaylahh..till later!

~Portland, 8.30am 27/5 Thursday

Portland, niceeee!!

..because i've just come to know that the whole state of Oregon is a tax free area!! (while LA and SFO are not!)..tengah midyear sales laks tuh! tak tahan neh!

Nak hapdet tp penat sgt dah..esok2 lah kot sambung citer..alamakk weii dah dekat nak present paper dah nih..huhuu

~Portland, 10.30pm, 26/5, Wed

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Portland here I am!

Pepagi tadi naik hotel shuttle bus semula ke LA airport...fuhh selamat duit taxi. Ramainyer org kat airport tu utk domestic flight awal pagi nun. neway, touchdown kat portland dalam kol 9.30am, everything good alhamdulillah..takde checking2 bag pon sbb domestic perhaps. plane nyer united airlines mak aii kecik bebeno..hehe neway, sempat tido seround gaks tuh huhuu..

Dari airport, amik MAX light rail train terus ke portland city ctr, ada walk2 sikit 2 blocks or 3 maybe, and then sampai hotel. aku dah email dia seblm mari haritu kata nak cek in awal before 12 as i'll be arriving early. so, lega jugak bilik dah ready. the room is small, yet cute and comfy...ada small kitchen with fridge with dapur gas. it's actually a mini studio..ok laa..location ok, rege tak mahal sgt pon..

After rehat2 sekejapan, refresh ourselves, makan apa...kuor balik....ermm..patutnyer gi melawat2 museum la, pittock's mansion la..lagi mana tah..tapi amran teruja banget gi sopping mall hehehe..dia tak sabaq nak cuci mata dah tu...aku lagi skerr la kan harini hari ker mall.. sumer jenis mall yg ada kat sini kami masuk dah...ada macy, nordstrom, pioneer place and sorts. well, murah sket dari oz barang2 ni..ada la rembat 1, 2 ehheksss..

Hari pon actually drizzling jer all day kind of gloomy la jugak....actually feel peaceful laks kat sini..portland is really a laid back city....tenang jer....mungkin harini hari bekerja kot sbb tu tak ramai org....tapi kan, ee ramai beno org2 yg tegur2 mintak duit tu..ketaq gaks aku..bukan apa, kot2 la bila tak bagi kang, depa bertindak ganas ker kan heehhe tp takat ni idak lah..kami buat tak reti jer seolah2 tak paham english hehehe..pehtu, ermm tuan2 kedai or promoter2 sini ramah tamah gaks mulut no...bila depa nak serve2 aku tu, bertanya jugak where this vacation and aku cakap aku dari australia..depa will go like, 'wowww' hahaha betul la kan aku dari oz hehehe

Bila dah petang sikit, nak balik hotel dah (hotel kat city ctr gaks)...sajer la nak naik train tu and ronda city ctr dah mentelah beli tiket yg for one whole day nyer, $ main naik jer memana train (byk beno jenis trainnyer), gi sampai last stop. tengok2...jeng jengg jenggg! terberenti kat satu shopping mall area yg beso beno...macy sket nyer beso ker, and ada some others kat sana...masa dah tak sempat benonye...dah petang ronda kejap2 jer pon...

Okess daaa..nak tido..penat nih...owh btw, cuaca sedang2 elok jer ni..sejuk2 yg boleh cope lagik.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Safely landed in LA

Ha...alhamdulillah kami dah selamat ada kat LA dah ni....The flight was ok...sblm naik flight makan kebab yg ditapau dulu..sib tau sbb tengok2 atas flight altho muslim meal, tak sedap!! hahaha kemain nak demand masa2 ni laks heehehe. Atas flight tido jaga tido jaga...layan movie layan ipod..tido dan jaga hehehehe..but overall bila dah nak sampai, macam tak terasa laks 13 hours flight tu..maybe sbb segor lagi and dah tido kejap2 tu.

Sesampai di airport...jeng jengg jengg..owh eva owh eva! u know what happened? it was just like what we talked!! hahaha buat i tingat kat u je tau!! neway, sumernyer ok tadi kat airport masa landing...dalam kol 4.30pm, monday (masa kebelakang balik dari oz) sampai...then bila kat kastam..aku ni elok2 ja takdak apa....tapi si amran laks sangkut!!!!! tu diahhh....bukan sangkut apa..tah naper masa kat immigration tu..lama laks tang amran..tang aku mmg kejap tengok2 amran kena corner kejap..depa nak deeper check...i think it's procedure depa and also sbb nama amran ada bin kot and ayah dia ada nama alias @ tu? dunno...maybe la...adehh maybe also sbb ni first time masuk US, they checked really thorough. bukan check apa, just kena isi borang and then duduk jer kat situ, depa yg cek dalam sistem about 1.30 jam gitu, officer tu datang balik and kata all good, boleh gi...aduiii...takde la apa2 kena interrogate ker apa...cuma kena nunggu masa depa cek tu jer buat aku nyampah gaks sbb delay...but apa2 pon alhamdulillah all good. nehow, lepas dah setel tu aku g tanya gaks officer tu, 'sir, what was that all about?' dia kata, takde apa2.

Pehtu, gi ke bhg kastam utk cek beg for food...nasi instant aku kena rampas!!! uwaaaa....kan haritu dah berkata2 dah taktau lepas ker dak...tengok2 mmg tak lepas...well mmg daging tokleh masuk, sama cam oz gaks..and ikut luck memasing benonyer....but so far si yanie, nora and fiesh lepas..adehhh kami laks tak lepas..kena amik..sib baik tak beli aku sedeyyyy aaa jugak kat situ..neway, as long as everything ok...sardin aku ok laks tak kena rampas...ermmm maybe sbb letak bawah2 kot dia tak dig.

So, amik hotel shuttle terus ke hotel...check in was breeze takde masalah..then lepak jer lah kat hotel. aku cover la tokley sgt..skang ni segor bugor nih..kol 1.45am right now. esok flight kol 7.26am ke portland laks. doakan semuanya ok for us yea.. ada wifi yg laju gilos kat hotel...hopefully sumer hotel2 aku ada wifi free gaks..leh aku update blog as it goes..kalau larat, kalau rajin hehehe..sbb kot dah balik sok, kot tak terkejor jer 10 hr nyer citer nak citer..

Wokess...nak try take some sleep...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cuti-cuti USA

So, this is it!!
Sumernyer siap dah packed up and insyaallah will depart for US karang, abg jay tolong hantar ker airport. Kami akan stop one night dulu kat LA, amik nearby airport hotel yg beberapa puluh jer regenyer then esoknyer tu amik morning flight terus ker Portland, Oregon. By doing this multicity stop, we save AUD1K+ rather than a direct flight. So basically these are the places that I'll go.

Portland, Oregon
San Francisco

Los Angeles



but no matter where i go, i must not forget, my very reason for this trip! presenting paper! huhuuu

The trip will be a 2-weeks hols cum work (aint it supposed to be the other way round? hehehe :P)... anyhow, i think you wont miss me much! huhuu :P.. but rest assured i'll still miss you. Wai and yanie malam tadi siap dah bagi email mushy2 penuh kerinduan (mushy la sgt tu! hehe) & sedih berpisah walaupon sekejapan cuma! hahaha (kami mmg camtu tiap kali anyone of us nak travel pi memana yg jauh)...and bat, since ermm...a month ago! hehehe

So..wish me success, wish us luck, wish us safe trip, health and everything yeahh..

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blabbering on a super duper cold sunday

OMG it is so freaking cold! Awat nyaa ni? I normally can cope with coldness but today or perhaps since yesterday...adusss sejuk bangettt..macam tak tahan sunggoh...pehtu mula la rasa cam nak hibernate jer...pakai baju pon berlapis2 dah, ngan sweater agik, ngan heater agik, ngan socks pink yg tebal agiks..brrrrrr.....

Neway, hrmmm.....aku memula ada sikit penin dalam kiraan masa..adehh...aku memula ingat session aku utk present tuh sejam..adehh nak keras aku jap bila realize nih..pehtu after awhile, tengok betui2 balik....haa setengah jer rupanya hehehehe..kalau sejam tu kecut perut gaks aku sbb dah ala2 dah defend laks dah..

Neway, smlm ada postgrad day kat sini.....buat kat mesia hall jer kali ni since weather pon ujan and sejuk2 takdak la outdoor games like before..indoor jer kali ni...aku join gaks la sudoku hehehe bukan ler reti sgt pon, lembap kemain hahaha tp just masuk to support and for the fun of it. And kami kalah la mata tak jauh members, aku, yanie, wai, yuslina and jannah...heiheiheiheiiii...pakat tarik kroni2 masuk group huhuuuu....Neway, ada nasi myk ngan lauk pauk yg sedap sponsored by abg sam and yeah dah tentu ada bbq lamb beef and chicken. Aku pon blasah kaw2 punyer...especially sejuk mejuk nih. Seperti biasa bawak menu krispy kreme utk tambah2 apa2 menu potluck yg sedia ada hehehe...Aku dah berzaman tak buat aktiviti baking2 nih..entahlah silap2 haribulan i've lost the skill that i dont even possess! ahakss


Friday, May 21, 2010


Rabu lepas dalam tutorial aku, bebudak buat presentation on chapter advertising. Depa mmg rajin include kan video clip dalam presentation depa....yer lah additional visual aids, markah lebeyy la sket daripada plain presentation kan..and vc2 yg depa choose ni normally depa suit kan ngan concepts yg depa nak sampaikan dalam pstn depa tu. Ni yg baru2 ni nyer. Check it out!


dan video clip ni laks, buat kamu si dia aku

Happy weekend all!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

of facebook statuses

Aku kan notice kat fb status kengkawan aku lately ni makin ramai laks update komplen itu komplen ini. Well, tang komplen tu okay lah kan tak kisah jugak....macam ada sorang tu citer dia gi cold storage mana tah shah alam kot and terrr beli susu basi...and then kengkawan dia sambung2 kata mmg sokmo nampak foreigner bukak botol2 fresh milk and minum and letak balik. Things like this is good to alert friends kan......

Tapi ada jugak come across status yg seolah2 membawak citer buruk2 pasal org lain (or maybe kawan depa). Depa mungkin penah terkena ngan si anu si ani...kalau peringatkan orang lain ok la that org lain tak terkena ngan si anu si ani ni mmg mengata kaw2 kat status tu (or maybe bukak aib org is more like it). Then aku perasan, kengkawannyer yg lain (being her/his friends kan) sure setuju and support apa yg kawan dia update tu dengan mengutuk2 lagi si anu dan si ani.

Entahlahh..maybe i'm wrong but i feel not quite right la....i feel like niat org tu nak luahkan ketakpuasan hati dia kat si anu si ani kat status dia tu sudahnya jadi medium org kutuk mengutuk. Kalau kutuk mengutuk pasai si tuan tanah takper (aku pon sokmo gaks mengata tuan2 tanah fb tp secara depan2 laa hehehe jahat aku kan), ni kutuk mengutuk si anu dan si ani. In other words, silap2 haribulan si tuan tanah tu lah pulak puncanya org buat dosa kutuk mengutuk org lain tu kan. So betul jugak lah kata2 mnasir dulu ekk..diam tu kadang2 lebih baik or something like org rajin potpet cam aku nih guano nak diam ahakss.....Aaanyyyywayyyy, now why do i need to bother about this? It's people's affair..

Actually ni peringatan kat diri aku that untuk beringat tak yah nak update status yg buruk2 tentang orang2 lain yg aku mungkin tak puas hati hatta supervisor pon ahaks ahakss ahakss :P. Sebab, karang kengkawan aku sokong, tokok tambah agik perisa...tak pasal2 aku laks jadik pemangkin org mengata (or fitnah?) org lain..nauzubillah..mintak aku dijauhkan dari pangai sebegini...Orang kata api lawan ngan air (tp tak sumer api leh lawan ngan air kan? macam kalau kebakaran dapur gas tu..tu diahh citer kebombaan laks haha).

So, while having good loyal friends are essential, we also need people around us who not all the time support us too as we surely cant be right all the time. We need to be made seen of what's right what's wrong, by who else? peers of course as they are the closest to influence us everyday! To me, there's a big difference between giving opinions of against and saying bad things....tapi...tapi opss opss opsss hehehe.....aku ngan amran aku kalah..aku asik tendency utk sokong dia jer! hahaha aduii cakap tak sropa bikin jugaaaa

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Akhirnya slides yg aku dok buat sekian lama (cewahhh)..siap jugak phewww....hehehe seminggu tau aku spend masa kat slides nih...hee amik masa banyak beno kat situ...yerlah kalau dah buat nyer secara lepak2 huhuuu...aku dah tinggaikan aktiviti menulis aku seminggu la jugak and this week too and another 2 weeks too...huhuu...pkir2 lama gaks aku tinggaikan tu....people say jgn skip writing even a least write a para or a page in a that the momentum and flow is there hehehe ni meks dah skip baper lama hrmmm entahlah..kadang2 rasa cam tokleh cope gaks ngan macam2 nak kena buat all at the same time, kiri kanan nak kena pkir dan setelkan..biaqlahh dulu rasanya.

Walaupon begitu, sebenonyer at the back of my mind ni...riso gaks tinggal lama2..but ahh..neway, ni this week nak tgk2 balik places to go. Actually all put down already cuma rasa nak teliti sket agik hihihihi.....perhaps tgk kat route for buses and subways depa. Food dah beli last sunday...ada beli hat paket nasi & lauk instant tu as per depa2 ni nyer suggestion. Yanie and fiesh dah penah gi untuk spouse's memasing nyer conference and nora also for herself last year. Hopefully lepas la kat airport tu kang, depa2 ni sumer lepas. Neway aku tak bawak banyak pong sbb ermm knowing amran nyer potential of tak baper lalu lauk instant yanie ada kata dia tak baper nak lalu, farid yg boleh gi...and sokmonyer tabiat si yanie ni sama jer ngan aku pong bawak ala2 kadar jer...selebihnya pepandai lar fish and chips and vege food and owhh maggi also of kos. Harus meks kurus kang hohohohoo nak nak of the activities to do kat SFO tu kang, kami nak cycling along the golden gate bridge tu hehehe kalau menjadik la plannyer huhuu..see how.

Apa lagi ekk persediaan? Packing2 baju belom of dah dapat semboyan pesanan berkali2 dah dari si dia tu hehehe..aku yg tak terbuat2 agik...hehehe biasa aa tak last minit tak sah aku nih huhuuu. Duit2 pon dah tukaq sumer all in all, insyaallah okeh dah kot.....

Esok last day aku tutor kat school ni...actually lom last agik..ada lagi 2 minggu tp since i'll be away for 2 weeks, dah mintak colleague cover kan. So duit claim utk 2 minggu tu sok aku bagi kat depa lah just like last time. Untuk next sem aku dah cakap toksei amik tutoring..haritu ada gaks Nadia tanya aku lagi to confirm betui ker tak nak teach dah, aku kata tak nak....tapi later on aku dapat email kata letak nama aku under kiv. Hopefully cukup2 jer lah next sem, plannyer nak all out writing nih lepas balik sok.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cerita ceriti

Slides untuk konferens tu dah hampir2 siap....maleh betui nak buat slides nih...and although menda yg nak dipresent kan ni ada dalam kepala, still i need to prepare, practice and rehearse jugak. Should get these things done by this week. Mood untuk present paper cum bercoti-cotian masih belum mari hehehe...dok occupied with things before leaving nih. And this week also nak kena tengok balik itinerary sumer yg aku dah tinggaikan about 2, 3 weeks ago. Hopefully everything goes well there.

Semalam laks aku and geng2 gi outing ke Thomas & friends kat Thirlmere, about 1 hour drive dari sini. This is an annual event kat sydney and tiket pon awal2 lagi dah sold out. Biasa lah kan Thomas & friends ni popular among kids. Aku yg takdak kids pon kemain teruja nak gi nak naik steam train, bebudak pon apatah agik hihihihi.....tiket kitaorg pon yanie yg tolong belikan dulu masa kitaorg tengah kat cradle mountain kat Tasmania nun. Sampai tepon ker atas bukit tu nak tanya nak gi ker dak hehe...tu lah kawan yg tak lupakan kawan yg kaki menyongket nih hehehe in fact mmg setakat ni, yanie tak penah lupakan aku bila dia nak kemana-mana yg dia rasa aku akan berminat...dari nak gi makan2 yg jejauh, dedekat, shopping or sightseeing sampailah ker nak visit kengkawan yg hospitalized or baru bersalin..mesti dia tepon dulu tanya kot2 aku berminat nak gi.

Neway about Thomas trip semalam tu, in last minute organisation by the end ada dalam 8 or 9 families konvoi together ke sana. Aku pool keter ngan yanie jer, keter kitaorg ni dah tak baper mengizinkan nak jalan jauh dalam 1 hour drive tu..gearbox ala2 nak problem dah, few times gaks weng2 haritu..ecehhh aku macam tau sangat padahal ni sumer amran yg citer2 heheheh. Kitaorg potluck makanan, sampai sana ramai omputes la bawak anak2 depa...naik train dalam 1 hour..biasa jer scenery dia..ada museum trains and of kos ada Thomas nyer train tu kan..bebudak excited of kos!

Lepas setel ronda2, kitaorg lepak kat park nearby and open table lah apa lagi..mmg best gathering2 gitu, with variety of food and mmg sumer sedap2 belaka and wai siap bawak portable picnic table dia tu..huhuu mmg tip top dia ngan asrul nih. Cuaca sejuk2 nyaman..ehh sejuk gaks la..memasing berjaket dah laa ni, sambil makan pon jari-jemari yg nak menyuap pon sejuuuukkkkkk. Strategic jugak tempat tu sebelah nyebelah ngan taman permainan, bebudak kemain agikkk..with parent's inspection of course.

Balik2 tu sampai eastlakes (kami park keter kat umah yanie) dalam kol 6pm.....naik atas umah yanie kejap..tengok2 lepak2 sembang berjam2 jugak tu jerlah activity weken aku semalam..harini mungkin rehat2 jer lah kot kat umah....rasa cam nak buat bihun sup ayam lar....maybe buat kot...

Neway, happy teacher's day to readers and especially to my cikya! keep on with your good deeds! Aku still remember, masa aku darjah 1 ker 2 ker..skolah kat tarcisian convent, bila balik dari kelas agama, ada english lau..kemain garangggg lagik dia....kalau time dia return spelling exercise..siap la tangan..salah satu spelling, satu kali tapak tangan kena pukul ngan pembaris kayu dia..goshh masa tu takot sangat..sakit of kos la what can u say, darjah 1 or 2. Tapi rasa2nya seingat2 aku, tak la aku salah banyak tapi mmg ada salah la sbb mmg ingat ada kena pukui ngan pembaris kayu tu hehehe dah la muka cam ala2 cina opera ngan makeup tebal dia tu, kening lukis, rambut set tinggi hehehe adehhh..ntah idup lagik ker idak dia tu hihihi

Pehtu, masa dah tukor ke skolah lain ke marian convent, darjah baper tah tak ingat..aku kena tampor ngan mrs siva sbb tokleh jawab soklan dia...malu giler masa tu ngan bukan aku sorang kena, ada few more hehehe..aku ni bukan pandai beno....masuk secondary school, kat main convent ermm apa yer antara memorinyer...ahaa masa kelas maths form 1..ada cikgu cina ni lupa dah nama dia...dok ngajor2 kat board kitaorg pon ikut cakap sama masa dia tulih on the board tu, campor tolak x, y, z apatah lagi..and bila dia habis tu, kitaorg cakap titik. Tetiba dia boleh hangin merepek meraban pasal titi (bukan titik) hahaha..tah apa2 dia bebel tah..nampak cam tetiba kena sampuk laks masa tu ehehhe tersenyap satu kelas ketaq, ingat dia ni tak betui ker hehehe..pehtu ingat agik cikgu melayu ajor sejarah..dia la perkenalkan word bodoh sombong kat kelas hahaha..dia marah satu kelas masa tu, dia kata dah la bodoh (sbb tak leh jawab soklan dia kat kelas) pehtu sombong lak tu (sbb tak nak tanya dari dia) heheheh pn syarifah nama dia hehehe..but of course, i love all my teachers nevertheless...aku rasa aku ni bukan la student yg degil cuma kuat sembang jer dalam kelas hahaha..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kejer org ada kejer tp macam takder kejer hehe

62 perkataan


Kamu mencapai 319 markah, jadi kamu berada di posisi 101 dari 9299 dalam senarai kedudukan

Kamu menaip 403 aksara seminit
you mendapat 62 perkataan betul dan
kamu mendapat 1 perkataan salah

72 words

Typing Speed Test

You reached 271 points, so you achieved position 50648 of 442938 on the ranking list

You type 369 characters per minute
You have 72 correct words and
you have 2 wrong words

ok ok back to work, i have work i promise!! hehe :P

Monday, May 10, 2010


thang i've never done before...

...check and dig all dustbins i have in this house looking for draft papers that has my scribble of maths calculation for a particular bit but important info at wee hours!

...and i couldnt find it coz that batch of garbage was probably already disposed last nite!! sheeshhh ija what were you thinking when u throw out that handwritten rough paper??!! normally i had been cautious and particular of all my work rough papers.

...yeahhh i thot i had copied all into word doc...but MISSED one!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy mother's day to all mommies and aunties!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


wahhh cuaca skang dah sejuk2....and i have started to put on baju tutup litup punyer kat umah hihihihi gone are my days with sexy mexy seducing clothes at home! hahaha ok ok serius serius......ha serius laaa ni! hehehe sejuk mejuk dah....but ada kalanya cam suam2 kuku's mid of autumn and soon in june winter again.....heater ada 1, bersedia lah hangkut dari bedroom ker studyroom ker hall ker studyroom ker bedroom and on and on and on again hehehe...

neway, i've been staying at home to do work for few weeks already and thus far, am lovin' it! i mean like, i feel so relaxed and sort of having all the time in a day to do about come eh? when it's all the same 24 hours a day right? and, to date the concentration's been good at home....well, we'll see how it goes....coz taboo nyer mulut (jari) aku nih, bukan buleyy cakap..sok sok kang tetiba aku kat school laks wat kojer hihihi and owh, of course i've informed my boss in advance for just in case he look for me.

about work, hrmm....i give a month each for 1 chapter to be written. this may sound ambitious so the plan is just a rough idea and just to give me the motivation push. the time plan also takes into consideration of all edits, the to and fro of drafts between me and sv, the mood swings and whatnot. oh 1 month really sounds too ambitious!! anyway, occassionally i still need to revisit my data. oh well, by now i should put to rest of revisiting my data already, but i just simply wouldnt! sighh..apa lagi yg aku tak puas ati neh? ada 7 chapter altogether, 1 chapter's done (or atleast 80% done as it is now in the hands of my boss for his review & i have faith on that work, i believe it wont change much) , another chapter, am working on it and ermm say, 50% done at present. i feel like at the rate i'm going, i might be able to meet that dateline...but then again, i just might. never know in the future how....doa2 yer...

talking about my boss, semalam gi jumpa dia nak citer2 penemuan terbaru pasal kejer aku nih....just to update verbally jer sbb aku masih explore godek sana sini agik. he's not been well....blood pressure dia tinggi haritu masa jumpa dia on saturday, it was like 200! huhh...and smlm he doesnt look too good too....and yeah this time he looked worried about his health as compared to before. and yes, i'm worried too. neway, tetiba dia soh aku buat satu conference paper and due date 30/5 ni...taktau la aku sempat ker dak nih...ishhhh.

ehh apa kena ngan laptop aku ni eks? lain macam jer....once in awhile screen aku jadik ada gangguan2 macam ala2 ada alien mendarat atas bumbung block ni hahaha hehehe betui laa..kejap2 jadik camtu, ada mesej yg alien tu nak sampaikan pada aku kah? aku tak reti nak baca2 data analog nih (ehh analog ker?) hihihi ok ok serius sket. and also aku baru jer reformat laptop aku tetiba cam pelik2 laks cursor aku lari ker sana sini bila aku menaip tuh...hishh virus nih! website mana yg aku regularly surf nih yg virus dok ikot masuk jer nihhh hehehe haihhh....laptop aku nih tak sampai 2 thn agik kalau tak silap...haiiyyaaa...

on a different note, aku rasa aku dah bosan aa blogging....probably will take a break kot...see how laa...hrmm..yg part ni tak laa serius sgt hehehe...well, if it so happen..i'll still stand by you ok?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

O yeahh

Hey, slow it down whataya want from me
Whataya want from me
Yeah I'm afraid whataya want from me
Whataya want from me

There might have been a time
When I would give myself away
Oooh once upon a time I didn't give a damn
But now, here we are so whataya want from me
Whataya want from me

Just don't give up I'm workin it out
Please don't give in, I wont let you down
It messed me up, need a second to breathe
Just keep coming around
Hey, whataya want from me
Whataya want from me
Whataya want from me

Yeah, it's plain to see (plain to see)
that baby you're beautiful
And there's nothing wrong with you
(nothing wrong with you)
It's me, I'm a freak (yeah)
but thanks for lovin' me
Cause you're doing it perfectly
(it perfectly)

There might have been a time
When I would let you slip away
I wouldn't even try
But I think you could save my life

Just don't give up I'm workin' it out
Please don't give in, I won't let you down
It messed me up, need a second to breathe
Just keep comin around
Hey, whataya want from me (Whataya want from me)
Whataya want from me (Whataya want from me)

Just don't give up on me
(uuuuuuh) I won't let you down
No, I won't let you down

(So hey) just don't give up
I'm workin it out
Please don't give in,
I won't let you down
It messed me up (It messed me up)
Need a second to breathe
Just keep coming around
Hey, whataya want from me

Just don't give up I'm workin' it out
Please don't give in, i won't let you down
It messed me up, need a second to breathe
Just keep coming around
Hey, whataya want from me (whataya want from me)
whataya want from me (whataya want from me)
whataya want from me

Monday, May 3, 2010

Stand by you

Oh, why you look so sad?
Tears are in your eyes
Come on and come to me now

Don't be ashamed to cry
Let me see you through
'cause I've seen the dark side too

When the night falls on you
You don't know what to do
Nothing you confess
Could make me love you less

I'll stand by you
I'll stand by you
Won't let nobody hurt you
I'll stand by you

So if you're mad, get mad
Don't hold it all inside
Come on and talk to me now

Hey, what you got to hide?
I get angry too
Well I'm a lot like you

When you're standing at the crossroads
Don't know which path to choose
Let me come along
'cause even if you're wrong

I'll stand by you
I'll stand by you
Won't let nobody hurt you
I'll stand by you
Take me in into your darkest hour
And I'll never desert you
I'll stand by you

And when...
When the night falls on you, baby
You're feeling all alone
You won't be on your own

I'll stand by you
I'll stand by you
Won't let nobody hurt you

I'll stand by you
Take me in, into your darkest hour
And I'll never desert you
I'll stand by you
I'll stand by you
Won't let nobody hurt you
I'll stand by you
and I'll never desert you
I'll stand by you
I'll stand by you
Won't let nobody hurt you
I'll stand by you

I'll stand by you