Monday, June 6, 2016

First day of ramadhan

Its the first day of ramadhan and here i am..early in the morning just now asked amran of when to buy baju raya?? hehehehehe
Anyways, its irsyad's first ramdhan with us...welcome baby..enjoyy ramadhan! hehehe

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Irsyad dah tumbuh gigi!

Irsyad dah tumbuh 2 batang gigi bawah sekaligus..last week..badan dia dedo2 jer.
Dah start bagi far dah try on apple, pisang, avocado, labu. Harini start on papaya. Apple dia so-so sbb mebbe the 1st food he every tried on...pisang he loves it..avocado the babysitter said he doesnt want..labu i gave him the other day and he ate it..but later on sort of i stopped for the moment..and today papaya hope he likes it. 7 months onwrd i will start with rice,