Saturday, May 31, 2008

Siti & co. boarding flight home

Yesterday was one of my productive days relative to other days where I dont have classes. Been working on one of my major assignments cum proposal development and in the afternoon, worked on the SPSS data analysis assignment. For the coming week submission, it will be on Conjoint Analysis. This is the one technique that I have never been exposed before and I find it very interesting although complicated as well. What doesnt???
I have also been carrying my laptop to and fro the school for 3 days already in my attempt to install the SPSS software on it. It seems that staffs here have the authority or permission to download it from the IT server but not the students. They expect us to work on the SPSS from school. Well.. hrm... I have always find that doing calculations or Maths or data analysis at night are able to make me stay awake to do my work at night rather than reading articles. So I thought that I wanna install it here so that, day time will be spent reading. To no avail, of course!

Daisy has tried to install it for me as she's the staff here but so far our attempt failed due to some authorization code or whatnot. So my last resort is to just buy an SPSS software at the bookshop. Habess citer!! aud189 tu! Tapi kalau Noritake and Correlle berharga lebih dari aud200 boleh beli, takkan software utk belajo tokleh beli, yer dak??? I am yet to buy the software coz Daisy has warned me to not do anything silly just yet.. she still wants to help me save my money.

This morning, we almost missed sending Siti & co. to the airport!! Blame it on the alarm clock!! Sib baik Siti kejut tapi nyer... dah tinggal lagi sejam from flight schedule baru nak kejut haiyyooo .. jadik macam cipan ler bersiap tadi.. Cipan bertindak cepat dak?? Lambat eks?? So, macam lipas kudung laa tadi..tapi alhamdulillah semuanya selamat dan sempat...flight depa kol 6.50am tadi. Sedih laa jugak depa dah balik... rasa cam sunyi laks.. huhuuuu...Semalam depa pi Sydney Fish Market and selain beli some seafood utk dimasak dinner smlm, of course they had their fair serving of Lobster, Calamari and whatnot kan...Today, satgi nak gi jugak nih!! Dah about time for my seafood treat nih! Lobster..grilled crab yumm yumm..Takpelaaaa.. kita makan ni jer laaa.. ada orang tu.. boleh makan rambutan.. deghoyan dengo citernyer....takpelaaaa.. enjoy laaaa......tapi tak tau la pulak kot kot makan putik rambutan ke.. deghoyan muda ke, ye dak?? muahahahahahahahaha


Friday, May 30, 2008


Ekoran Ina and Puteri bermimpi kelmarin dan semalam....tapi kalau tak silap dua-duanya mimpi pasal banjir or air kan? Semalam aku pon bermimpi gaks hehehehe..

Actually.....selama2 nih..yang aku tak tau sejak bila lagi.. aku rasa sejak few years back kot.. I have been having two repeated dreams. Yer.. well.. of course la byk ler mimpi2 lain kan... tapi mimpi tentang dua perkara ni selalu datang berulang-ulang pada aku....bukan tetiap mlm laa... tapi .. sekali sekala.. aku tak perasan duration or gap in-between each tu kan... tapi bila mimpi yg macam ni datang.. aku akan terjaga malam and... tau yg mimpi ini sangat familiar..mimpi yg sama....repeatition nyer erm.. mungkin after few months... or selang tahun ke.. tak ingat dan tak perasan... tapi sbb semalam aku mimpi, salah satu mimpi yg biasa tu.. and ekoran Puteri and Ina dok citer pasal mimpi dia tu.. aku citer jer lah kat sini...

1. Aku selalu sangat mimpi aku boleh terbang..hahahaha haaa gelak, gelak laaaaaaa hahahahaha....kekekekeke... tapi betul... selalu, selalu sangat aku mimpi yg aku terbang...bukan terbang naik kapal terbang.. tapi I myself yg terbang..... most of the times, ada org kejor aku so aku terbang hahahaha.. hadoihhh...tapi yang aku ingat aku terbang tinggi lah.. hehehe. memulanya.....aku ingat mimpi biasa la kan.. takdak apa2 la kan.. tapi.. aku rasa since kat Kelantan ke.. bila tah.. aku mimpi ni.. dan sekali sekala aku akan mimpi lagi yg aku terbang.. apesal eks??? Apa maksudnya eks?? Maksudnya elok ke dak eks???

2. Mimpi yang kedua, aku kerap jugak dapat mimpi ada ombak besar nak datang.. seolah-olah akan menenggelamkan aku... tapi...ombak tu tak dapat... aku seolah-olah merasakan ombak besar (alaa yg macam ala-ala tsunami tu la kan) nak datang kat aku.. affect aku..and dalam scene tu (scene tuh!! berlakon haper!!).. aku seolah-olah sedang bersedia-sedia nak menghadapi ombak besar yg nak datang kat aku tu.. and in ALL dreams... ombak besar tu tak sampai pada aku pon...macam.. ombak tu memang nak datang sangat dah.. tapi tak terjadi or datang pada aku.. tak lemas lah kiranya kan...Kadang-kadang, bukan aku sorang dalam scene tu... kadang-kadang ada family aku skali ngan aku.... like..ombak tu nak datang seolah-olah nak menghempas, menenggelamkan aku dan family... tapi.. tak terjadi pon...Apesal agaknya eks? Apa maksudnya eks?? Elok ke tak elok?? Kerap jugak datang dalam mimpi aku.. berulang-2.. and sama.. aku tak ingat gap in between nyer tu. Semalam pon aku mimpi pasal ombak nih.

Tu jer lah dua mimpi yg slalu datang dalam tidor aku hehehehe...

Mimpi-mimpi lain hehehe wahhh citer pasal mimpi eks.. takpe.. lom penah citer dalam blog nih...

1. Pasal ombak tu tadi kan.. ada satu mimpi tu pon seolah-olah ada ombak besar nak datang pada family aku.. tapi tetiba aku tgk elok jer satu family kitaorg survive...dok dalam keter, ingat tenggelam dah.. tetiba elok jer..

2. Masa aku keje kat tekom dulu (ni Wa tau ler ni kalo dia ingat), aku penah mimpi aku ditembak dari belakang.. betul2 kat tengah2 belakang aku nih...dari belakang tau bukan dari depan....and dalam mimpi tu aku jatuh and aku ingat aku mati. Seriusly aku ingat aku mati.. tapi.. the next thing I know.. eh aku mmg jatuh, tapi aku sedar balik dari kena tembak tu and tak mati.....tu mimpi.. in realitinya.. a couple of days after that.. I was backstabbed and bad-mouthed that I thought I could not face the world.. honestly.. but somehow I dont know how it happens...everything settled.. dan aku jumpa jalan keluar..alhamdulillah and that jalan keluar was one right decision.

3. Aku mimpi aku buang air besar huhuhuuuuu.. tah pasal apa eks kekeke..pasal sakit perot la kann hahahaha... in realitinyer.. a couple of days later... one of my good friends whom I had always consulted, shared stories/secrets whatever SHARED one of my secrets to the last person on earth I would tell a secret!!!...and yes, I found out..[ni masa skolah-skolah].

4. Masa berchenta ngan ex huhuhuuuuu... sebelum nak break up tu kan...err.. no.. sebelum I got to know the real story tu kan....everything was really fine with the relationship.. takde gaduh-gaduh.. fine and dandy.. all rainbows and sunshine....but..a month ke few months ke before break up tu kan hehehe.. aku mimpi apa tah.. byk kali, not the same mimpi.. but ALL mimpi menjurus kepada putusnya hubungan aku ngan dia.... which in realitinyer.. a couple of months later... it happened....which... now.. I take it as hikmah to I didnt know at that time *was frust menonggeng like hell*.....that roper2nya....a much, much, much better person awaits me in front..

Cukup la ekss heheheheh.. tu jer kot antara yg aku paling ingat hehehehehehe

**.. mimpi tu mainan tidor kan...dan aku pon tak penah nak bother carik apa maksud mimpi2 tu **

Happy weekend everybody! Enjoy a great time with your family!!! Me, perhaps will hadap ini PC.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

..of my guests and potential guests

It has been two nights since Sunday that I came home from school to a cooked dinner. Heaven! hehehehehe..Opppssssss before that, this have no other niat than just to record a memory here occay.. just in case laaa hikhikhik... Of course, it feels good upon coming home from school/work, looking and feeling tired to find that the house is nicely kept and the food is ready to serve. Agaknya this is how and what ppl feel out of having a maid at home eks.. rumah senantiasa kemas, bahan2 preparation tuk masak sumer ready.... hehe tapi aku penah cakap dulu yg kalo boleh, aku still takmo ada maid..ada anak or takde anak huhuuuuu... kita tgk camana nanti.. ikut aruslah nanti eks..

Opsss terkeluo topik. Okay. Siti & co., guests aku tu rajin kau! The first day they came, they requested me to show where the supermarket is so I brought them to Coles.. and it turned out that they bought segala bawang lah, sayur lah haper2 lah.. padahal, prior to their coming here, I have stocked my fridge will all that whatnots. Ropernyer, they intend to cook.. well.. aku cakap gak kat depa, buat cam rumah sendiri la kan.. sbb day time aku takdak kat umah, dok kat school.

It has to do with timing also. This is the time of approaching semester-end and with three courses that already carry huge workloads, end of the semester means submissions of all major assignments and exams and etc etc. Lucky me, I dont have any exam this semester. Tun and friends who came somewhere in March last time also kind of wrong timing for me (but of course good timing for them la kan) coz was busy in the midst of courses. In short, semester ni mmglah aku busy sangat.. and wrong timing lah kan... but I try to entertain lah depa jugak kan.. it's just that, I couldnt bring them around lah.. of course kalau boleh aku nak bawak depa jenjalan kan *sbb aku pon suka nak merewang* and masak proper2 sikit la kan for nak wat camno kan...Time yg Ina and Ky datang last time was perfect (of course, as they consulted with me first the date actuallly prior to booking the ticket) and also masa tu cuti sem so.. free lah.

I had a nice chat with a blogger friend who intends to come here for hols...Frens, sekarang ni tiket jetstar tengah murah eks ke Sydney...utk travel duration bulan baper tah lepas raya kot. If only it had been prior to raya.. heheheheh. Anyway, this blogger fren udah teruja bagai with the flight ticket sales and kabarnya udah buat bajet gitu...... but latest news I heard, tak jadik! hahahahahaha aku gelak beso dengo reason dia hahahahahahaha. [Ko jgn respon kat sini kalo takmo org tau ko sape eks hahahahahah] *aku gelak tak abes nih...hadoihhhh* . Apa-apa pun, whoever feels like coming to Sydney, habaq la nooo...When I told my blogger fren-who's-been-denied-permission-to-come-to-Sydney *LOL* that it would be awesome to come at the end of the year (Disember lah tu) because it comes with shopping package as well [Christmas sales kan].. pulak tu aku cucuk sket ngan sales utk perfume, dia terus pengsan hahahaha.. adehhh okes cukup2 gelak tuh.

Ok. sambung kisah Siti tadi. Aku kena tukar tajuk la camni.. tak jawab tajuk kang entry cam nih kekekekeke.. They are very independent tourists *hadoihhh awat laa aku terasa cam ada org terasa haa? kakakaka*...they went to a-day trip to Blue Mountain via package and smlm diorg gi whale-watching. They said it was awesome although depa sempat tgk anak whale ajer.. 2, 3 days back mak bapak whale ada. I am yet to watch this as well.. Sumernyer tunggu ujung bulan 6 and bulan 7 nanti. Siap laa aku abess sem ni, aku akan rangka itinery aku... Well one thing insyaallah, Snowy Mountain is one of them in June. Ingat nak pi Port Stephen jugak @ Newcastle. Melbourne will have to wait until end of the year, perhaps. Ongkos nyer aje issue nyer..huhuuu

Okess.. rasa macam entry harini meleret leret lahhh. Aku nyer schedule patutnya start reading kol 9am..okes, time's up!

Ampun maaf dipinta kalau ada yg sungguh2 terasa ekss..ekss..huhuuu serius bagai aku!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pesanan penaja

1. Untuk kengkawan yg dok kat Aussie land ni..Sydney lah especially kan...Fida cakap smlm, jangan beli ayam or apa2 food dari Redlea *yg aku pon lom penah beli dari situ*... dia kata kedai ni ada kat Eastgarden and some other places rasanya.. sbb this kedai handle babi as well walaupon kedai ni ada certificate halal tau. Dia pon nyaris terkena but alhamdulillah masih dilindungi Allah Taala dari yg haram. Aku lak.. sudah biasa ngan TJ Muamallah yg ternyata and well known for its halal meat and whatnot.. aku mmg stick ajer kat sini.

2. Untuk sorang kawan blogger kat sinun, selamat ber-holiday-ing yach! Balik sini dengan senyuman dan re-freshed mood and hapdet okes!! Jangan berhibernasi lagi!! [Untuk pengetahuan, harini nyer entry dia takkan baca pon sbb dah start bercoti heheheh]

3. Untuk Delinn and my family back home, selamat ber-Cameron-ian yach!! Dengan ucapan..."aku jeles tahap gaban occay!!".. bukannya jeles nak gi Cameron.. kat sini byk tpt best2 lagi yg aku belum pegi tapi.. the gathering together-gether ngan family members tu yg buat aku jeles!

4. Untuk geng2 reban Joe, selamat berGegar Balok occay! Aku jeles jugak sbb tak dapat join and the promo and whatnot sounds really really fun. [ Yerrr... memang lambat lagi.. tapi skali harung ucapan boley?? kekekek *psttt.. kasi can laa aku penuhkan entry hr nih.. yer amik kesempatan atas program korang kuang kuang kuang*]

5. Untuk Is, yang akan present progress research dia dalam annual report harini, all the best okay fren.. you've done well up to this point.. the rest.. tawakkal...insyaallah ok tuh!

6. Untuk Teesh and Fudhla, selamat bercoti gaks...kabarnya laa... jeles jugak! sebab masa kat mesia, CCM used to be my favourite activity.

7. Untuk Ady, selamat balik Tepen okay this week-end.. gi temeh ok! *LOL*. Dinner smlm makan banyak dak??? Kalau banyak, maknanya trauma tu dah ilang la tuh hehehehe

8. Untuk Kyora, aku jawab komen ko yg outdated tu kat sini hahaha.. dengan ucapan, yer.. aku pon takmo pindah dari Randwick tu... ko doa2kan jugak yer.. moga panjang jodohnya lagi rumah ni utk aku hiks!

9. Untuk Wa,..."weiiiii bz sangat ke kat company baru nih???? lama tak goss-goss weiii".

10. Dan last but not least, untuk diri aku sendiri dengan ucapan..." sila rajin-rajinkan diri wat asainmen occay!! tinggal less than 2 weeks lagi untuk major presentation dan less than 3 weeks utk ALL THREE major submission ok!!


Nota kaki:
a. Wahhhhhh.... dalam takde2 menda nak isi blog ni harini.. sampai jugak ke 10 items yer? hahahahha
b. At the point I am writing this, half of the names mentioned here are not even my blog readers hahahaha... saje syok sendiri kekekek but the wish is a sincere one!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hari ini...[updated @ 3.14pm]

*Entry harini takdak lagi... tuan ghomah belom siap asainment hahahahahaha*

*Later la yer.... tu pon kalau dapat ilham dalam kelas ..... kalau ada, ader la yer... kalau takde, takde la yer.........hiks! [bukan patutnya dalam kelas kena concentrate kaaaa?] kihkihkihkih*


[updated @3.14pm]

Asainmen dah siap, dah anto dah pon.. kelas pon dah over...

Tapi.. tuan ghomah ala-ala melankolik sikit takdak mood nak hapdet.

Esok esok la eks.. see how


Monday, May 26, 2008

Siti & co and factory outlets

So, on Saturday, the building in which I stay was sold! Just wait for the agent's news I guess on our status. Siti and company came here yesterday and we brought them to Correlle's factory outlet. As I rembat few items *never fail at this outlet*, they themselves who are not even a day here but already bagged few kitchenwares each person *LOL* Bonet keter penuh occay utk sexitivity yg makan masa +-3 jam jer.

Kawasan Alexandria tu mmg penuh dengan factory outlet tapi scattered jugak tempat dia. So, me personally think kalau without a car.. erm.. nak kena jalan kesana kemari agak kepenatan jugaklah kot.. for me lah kan.. yg tak prefer jalan2 kaki jejauh nih...Anyway, smlm tu dah petang and Sunday some more so most of the outlets close at 4pm or 5pm.. so sempat bawak depa masuk ke handbags and sports outlet ajer... Kat sports outlet tu aku terberkenan kat this one knitted sweatshirt (memandangkan skrg sejuk kan) kaler merah bata by Timberland... huyyyooooo cun tu!!!!! Jatuh chenta lah!! Aku siap tanya Siti, kat mesia Timberland nyer brand ngan baju cam gini baper agaknya.. dia kata mahal tp tak tau exact harga.. the price yesterday was aud70. Tapi aku tak amik pon, tunggu pkir lagi...baru jer beli the same kind of sweatshirt kat BigW by Tweed dgn rege aud14 hehehhee..of course la kualiti itu Timberland dgn Tweed bagai langit ngan bumi kan kan kan.."Budak skolah buat cara budak skolah occay!", kata aku pada diri sendiri kekekekekekekeke

Lepas2 tu terus balik umah... re-heat apa yg aku masak smlm.. nothing much la.. ayam masak merah and sup sayur campur jer.....

Ok tu jer.

Here are some random pictures..
Above: Before and after auction
Below: Some pictures during the Malaysia Hall Open Day 24.05.08. Tak banyak amik sbb tak lama sgt spend time kat situ. Gambar gerai2 jualan pon tak amik sbb of course lah kan.. dah nampak makanan, aku blasah la dulu.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My saturday

I was torn between watching my rental unit being auctioned AND celebrating a 'pre-raya' event with food varieties, good companies, games, karaokes, food and food and food............obviously, the food wins! The program was mostly handled by the undergrads with Abg Sam as the head chef with coupons sold at the entrance. It was not so much of a merry program, I would say as I noticed not many visitors the point where I started to leave, postgrads were the least ones there. Well.. I left at about 1pm I think or 2pm perhaps....I had sate (of course), beriyani (for the sake of having it so that I wont kempunan as I dont know how to make one), ABC (despite the rather chill weather, I still have it coz otherwise I wont have the chance if I were to make myself). Other than that, I didnt have the chance to try them all *obviously* .. and they had like roti jala, murtabak, laksa, rojak, bihun curry...... boleh buat laa sumer2 tu kalau nak buat heheh antara rajin and malas jer.....

Went to Bondi Junction as planned. Looking for the Body Shop lotion also and then dropped by at Harvey Norman. I was being offered an advance birthday gift of Ipod 120Gb....but I gracefully refuse the offer! :P hahahaha... it will kill the thrill!! There are still months to come before my birthday! Besides, I actually wonder.. when on earth will I use that Ipod.. coz here.. most of my time will be spent in front of my PC or laptop with Internet connection and I can have tonnes of musics or movies downloaded. Other than that, I will be at home.. too busy to listen to one.. or in a car going to and fro the school, with of course the radio on plus the journey only taking like 2 minutes? So, tell me when is the time for me to ear-phoned the Ipod? huhuuuuu

However.... secretly, I am now thinking of what I would want as a replacement to that offer, obviously, of equal price! hahahahah. Masih belum ada idea. Tapi sebenarnya hati tingin itu Ipod walaupon dari segi praktikalnya, mungkin kurang digunakan hehehehehe. *Aku kat sini cuba nak menjadi seorang yg praktikal*. I requested a nice, special dinner and a birthday card on my birthday yg membuatkan si dia menggelabah tak tentu pasal tadik hahahahaha. He is sooooooooo tak reti of giving-giving cards one but in contrary, I soooooooooooo love giving and receiving cards one! kihkihkih.. biarkan.. rasakan lorrrr biarkan dia menggelabah kekekekekekeke. And if u wonder, aku nih.. kalau aku nak, aku pursue and will tend to be direct ajer.

So, that's all.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Thoughtful quotes

I dont have anything to babble about today. Read Tra's blog *wink* and I like his previous entry on some motivational words.. wanted to copy and paste here but when I want to ask his permission, something wrong with my display that I couldnt see/locate the comment icon.

Anyway, found this so might as well we share here. Perhaps you guys have come across this quotes.. I'll just put it here anyway.. at least for my benefit.

Last but not least, next week is already school holidays. School kids must be exhilarated but not to forget the teachers as well *LOL*. So those of you out there who have schooling kids or a teacher yourself, enjoy the hols!! Others may also benefit with less traffic perhaps on the road but could be more congestion on many tourist spots. Whatever it is, everybody do benefits from the school hols!!! [My fren sorang tu.. enjoy okes yr trip ittew.. take care and come back after that with lots of loved and lovely stories!!!]

Have a nice weekend. As for me, I'll be having a santap-santai event at the mesia hall and perhaps 'usharing' some gadgets in Bondi Junction. Other than that, I will be expecting friends who come over from Malaysia on Sunday.... what to cook? what to cook hor? See how.



Famous Quote #1

People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

Abraham Lincoln
Famous Quote #2

Everyone has problems, some are just better at hiding them.

Famous Quote #3

If we did all the things that we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.

Thomas Edison
Famous Quote #4

Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

Dennis P. Kimbro
Famous Quote #5

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.

Thich Nhat Hahn
Famous Quote #6

Life is not lost by dying; life is lost minute by minute, day by dragging day, in all the thousand small uncaring ways.

Stephen Vincent Benét
Famous Quote #7

Only by going too far can one possibly find out how far one can go.

Jon dyer
Famous Quote #8

People only see what they are prepared to see.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Famous Quote #9

Don't be afraid to fail because only through failure do you learn to succeed.


Famous Quote #10

It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives.


source :

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some babbling

Yesterday I went home pretty early. 5.30 pm perhaps I was already home. Lepak2 kejap then I went straight to bed. Owh bendera merah sudah naik jugaaaa so itu sebab selera out juga. But I guess sleeping at 6pm is too early for me so around 9.30pm I think I woke up. Switched on my laptop.. read some blogs and then read an article I am to critique for next week. Finished with that.. saw kakak online and we chatted for a while.. owh sudah pandai... even without the father dah pandai on itu ini and she, Tihah and Dik An later can view both me and Delinn. Reported on her exam results... she said she didnt get any 100s but her lowest mark was an 85. That's excellent already. In fact, she was the second in the class and kept on blabbering on this assistant monitor who is anak ustazah and got almost all 100s. hehe kids! I said, being 2nd in the class is an excellent position already ....especially for a beginner like her. After that, I went back to sleep.

Yesterday's class, Jennifer mentioned about another 2 classes to go yeay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait! so meaning in 2 weeks time jugakkkkk ada 3 major project submissions. Wake up Ija! wake up!!!! *sapa-sapa boleh tolong campakkan sebaldi ais sejuk kat muka aku nih*.

The other day, M******d, my sv told me that there'll be a conference somewhere in Western Sydney at the end of this year and he hinted on that I should send a paper and present. huhuuu... I should, I know. Actually of course I knew already about the conference. Besides classes and researches, conference is one of the main boring topics that we students talked about too. So, few colleagues have already highlighted this conference to me already knowing that I am a newbie here... let's see.. Daisy, Heather, Warat, Nui among others have each mentioned about it to me.... but I thought would not be sending or presenting any. Tak confident la yew!! But when my sv mentioned that to me.... I guess...need to work out something lah jugak kot.. haiyyooo dateline for submission is somewhere mid of June......die lorrrrrr.

Ok later.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Will be back...[updated @ 3.54pm]


Will be back later at noon perhaps.
Hrm... apa nak bebel kat blog ni harini ntah.. actually mmg takde citer lah other than my daily routine.

Talked to Atan this morning before going to class.. owh it was kakak who first buzzed me.. and I thought it was sweet though coz now.. upon seeing Atan's YM id on...I wouldnt buzz him immediately already.... sibuk ngan keje... but it was her who first tegur me.. and that's sweet.. coming from the one i love so much. Atan told me that he once almost drown while went fishing. I didnt know that!! I was surprised! Suddenly my heart was beating so hard just now.. and I said a brief doa for everything to be well for my family members. Cemas dengo! ishh nauzubillah....And I hope it taught him a lesson on going on boat for fishing.. hisyyy I still cant imagine how and when it happened to him. hisyyy..

Watched DH online just now.. just catching up.. and the tagline that I liked most in this episode is.."don't easily let people come to your house coz you dont know what they are up to and some of them refuse to leave". Nice one although terkeluo dari topik kan? hiks!

p/s: rasa macam ayat tunggang langgang sikit.. abaikan lah eks. paham2 kan lah sendiri citer tu.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Perasaan sekali skala..

....kadang-kadang terasa juga macam nak break down....... break down kat sini bukan maksudnya nak mengalah yer... tapi macam rasa nak menangis pon ada....seingat aku...belumlah lagi to that extent....mungkin di masa2 depan... bila kepayahan itu di tahap lah... dgn tanggungjawab2 yg dipikul...hidup di perantauan..dengan pengajian yg pada aku..rumit la..ditambah pulak dgn aku yg ala-ala lemmss ni kan....belah siang buat keje (study lah kan).. mlm (skrg ni mlm la kan kalau dah kol 6.30 or 7pm tu)... tengok pulak hal-hal rumah.. dapur..kemas jugak sesikit....lepas tu.. fikiran pada study tak stop disitu jer semasa balik dari school tu...lepas setel2 hal rumah.. tengok2 gak sesikit study balik... kalau ada submission.. pepagi sepi'i tu tgk lagi.. (ni sendri cari pasal la kan)...dan ianya akan berulang... berulang semula setiap hari bekerja....

Beza tak agak2nya kalau belajar PhD di mesia? Sama jer agaknya kot eks...Beza tak agaknya kalau berada di mesia dan bukan PhD student?..Sama jugak agaknya kot eks.. dulu pon bukan tak penah experience ni sumer kan....balik keje.. tgk hal rumah atau dapur pulak kan...cumanya.. lepas setel2 tu.. relax dah la kot.. takde apa nak pkir dah kot...workwise or study wise lah maksudnya...boleh ke Jusco, Ipoh Parade.. tgk wayang sesuka hati...punyer le kerap tak hengat aku tgk wayang dulu masa kat mesia....kat ipoh laaa... kelantan mana ada wayang....dan punyer le kerap aku ber jalan2 ala2 cuti-cuti mesia...bukanlah maksudnya aku nak komplen ke apa kan... in fact.. aku rasa jarang aku komplen... plg tinggi komplen pon slalunyer pasal study jer... pasal life tu aku put aside memikirkan di mana2 pon tak de bezanya kot...

Kalau kat mesia ni.. dah sah dah....sure more than often aku beli ajer lauk kot.. or makan kat luar... macam sebelum ni kat mesia masak sangat pon kan? hiks!.. kat sini boleh laa nak beli ajer...sbb nak cater to the time constraint plus takyah gaduh2 nak kemas2 dapur sangat kan... tapi... bosan lah kan... plus bila nak berjimat dan menyimpan-nyimpan nyer kan? Tu takde anak lagi tu...

So.. kekadang tu.. bila tiba masa-masa yg aku seolah-olah rasa macam nak break down jer dgn semua ni.... aku akan teringat yang.. kalau student PhD.... blajar di perantauan.. bawak family.. ada anak.. anak yg lebih dr sorang.. nak pulak anak kecik...kalau nak extreme lagi.. dua-dua laki bini blajar PhD.... maka.... aku seharusnya bersyukurlah kan.. dengan setakat ini jer ujian dan dugaan dari Allah...agaknya.. aku hanya mampu menangani setakat ini jer dulu kot....tapi.. aku rasa kalau aku ni seorang yg pandai.. pickup tinggi.. analatical skills power......writing skills power.... berkeyakinan tinggi..etc etc.. sure takde masalah sgt kot no? Sure tidak akan selalu didatangi tekanan2 berkaitan pelajaran kot no?

Sabar ajer lah yer...

Kisah Yanie & keluarganya semalam and birthday wish

Sebelum aku memulakan kisah tentang Yanie dan keluarganya.. aku nak wish dulu besday sorang kawan baik aku kat Sydney nih... Cik Pah @ cheeky wife...semoga berbahagia.. semoga beroleh kejayaan.. semoga dirahmati Allah... semoga dimurahkan rezeki...semoga persahabatan ini kekal ke akhirnya....tiup lilin tu.. aku carik yg sebatang jer.. to show that you are still young!!

Semalam masa nak gi anto Yanie, Farid and Darwisy.. kejadian yg tak disangka lak terjadi.. ish ish ish... sib baik an hour later setel.. idak kalu... pecah la pintu ghomah depa tu kan...kisahnya tetiba last minit pintu rumah depa rosak.. dah pulak nak jadi time2 depa nak balik mesia nih....pintu tu kalau dah tertutup tokleh nak bukak balik samada dari dalam or luar. They know that tp masa dah nak keluo for good tu.. Yanie masuk balik nak amik tissue for the kid terrrrrrrr tutup pintu.. haaa.. disitulah bermulanya drama...hehehe...Antara drama2nya.. adalah spt yg dipamerkan di bawah..

To the extent, si Farid siap baling spanner, screwdriver ke atas melalui balcony depa yg dok di tingkat 2...setelah cubaan demi cubaan utk bukak pintu secara biasa gagal.

Yanie masih berlagak cool walaupon hati dan badan sudah panas... *walaupon cuaca di luar sejuk amatz* masa ni dah setengah jam kot dok godam godam pintu tu.

Tenant lama, jiran depan umah depa and Amran sedang berusaha godek2 tombol...yang aku kat blakang depa ni.. sambil2 gelisah takut depa terlepas flight, sempat gak snappy snappy. Flight depa kol 12.15pm, need to check in 2 hours earlier.. masa ni rasanya dah dekat nak ke pukul 11am dah.

Akhirnya.... alhamdulillah.. dengan slip instruction utk tanggalkan knob dari belah dalam beserta equipment2 yg perlu yg dilambung dek Farid kat balcony tadi.. berjaya jugak Yanie bukak nyer.. sib baik dia org QS.. reti jugak la kot.. aku kalu??? nanges tak berlagu dah la kottttt huhuuuuuu ...itu pon dalam keter Yanie leh kata... mula2 dia try2 secara santai jer *boleh secara santai??* kakakak tp bila tgk jam dah dekat kol 11am, baru nak alert hahahahah.. sabo jer le minah!..Sib baik jugak dia yg tertinggal.. kalau Darwisy?? huishhh lagi susah...

..dan akhirnya.. barulah mereka sekeluarga mampu tersenyum hahahahahahha... laa ni depa dah sampai dah pon mesia... tgh lena tidoq laaa ni..."pssttt.. ko ni lawa eks Yanie...tall, slim and fair huhuuuu"

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Swimming at Coogee

Semalam gi Coogee Beach utk satu jam.. sekadar buang masa... tak gi school pon...malas...
Lepas lepak2 kejap menikmati keindahan ciptaan Tuhan...tetiba teringin nak swimming...sejak dok sini tak penah mandi laut lagi believe it or not? when Sydney is well known for its beautiful beaches.

So balik umah amik pakai swimming suit sumer..*huh! merasmikan tu.. yg baru di beli dan dipos dr mesia*... bawak tuala.. bawak snacks dan minuman sesikit.. beli hot chips...then berenang2 ke hulu dan ketepian lah aku.....bertemankan auntie omputeh sorang....kat dalam pool laut tu...kejap swim kat pool air laut tu... kejap redah laut... ombak quite besar gak smlm.. so agak kureng berani lah... masih trauma *aku yg trauma laks* dgn fenomena Tsunami. Tapi.. sejuknyer air pool laut tu.... macam air ais batu yg dicairkan.. 2, 3 kali gaks aku turun naik turun naik... tp redah gak.. so kejap jer la.. ada laa few lapse jer...jadi laaaa buat lepas gian...

Ni jap gi nak gi antar Yanie and family ke airport.. member nak balik mesia for 2 weeks.. huhuuu.. tak lena tidoq mlm ni la kut dah nooooo...

Ok Later

Saturday, May 17, 2008

of inspections and auction

I thought that I should start working on my assignments early this time just in case I'd be down with fever *nauzubillah* I did, since yesterday..

Alhamdulillah my body's feeling a whole lot better today.. takdak dah sengal2 badan itu... thank you God.

There'll be house inspection today at my house. So.. gotto think of where to go at 12.15-1pm afterwards.. This is the one story that I didnt bother to blog in here.. coz it distracts my mind so damn much.. so I pretended to just forget and ignore of this one significant issue. Arghhh!! Gist of it is, this building that houses 9 units including the one I'm staying at now will be sold and put on auction..there has been a series of house inspections already to all units but I just dont bother to stay at home and wait for them to come and inspect. The agent have keys to each unit and.. trusting them is one thing *they can't run away if things went missing, can they?* and second thing is, there aren't any valuable things in my house except for my 2 beloved laptops that are on the table...Money.. gold jewellery.. all takdak...*of course I dont keep the money bawah bantal kan and the only jewellery that I have are on myself* so no worries.. as for the laptops, they are obvious items.. ilang kalu sure perasan and sure aku akan harass se-harass-nyer agent tuh. Lain-lain takde apa except for household items..but thank God, everything are still here.

The auction will take place in front of this building next Saturday, 24th. I shall experience it how an auction takes place.. should be interesting to witness.. the one I havent witnessed before...The one thing that at least make me feel slightly better .... is... the target buyer is for investors not individuals.... and they are selling it at one go.. meaning all 9 units will be sold together...but I did mention in previous entry that not all good feelings will endup as expected right? Whatever it is... I am hoping and praying that.... the new owner ( I guess should be a company or something) will let us continue renting here...amin...

I love staying here.. have always been...for many reasons...main one is its close proximity to my campus.. walking distance of 5 minutes *tak sempat nak berpeluh occay*, close to Randwick main centre as well where they have lots of shops, restaurant & oriental grocery shops that sell halal items.. also within 5 minutes walking distance from here as well, then close to the Malaysia Hall.. where it is easily for us to go and join any of their programs..yassin, terawikh..makan2 event, meetings, pinjam guna dryer on rainy days etc etc..last semester we were regulars but not this sem.. bz is the reason...and also to go to almost everywhere in the Sydney by bus... we just need to walk to the Randwick main centre where almost all buses stop there.

Hrm..... we'll just wait and see.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Teacher's Day!!!

The body is feeling a lot better now than last night and early this morning. I have put the heater on these few days due to the cold weather and.. perhaps the mixed of cold and warm throughout the day could be the's not fever though, alhamdulillah but I did take panadol soluble prior going to bed yesterday as a prevention. Should be okay by the end of today or tomorrow perhaps, insyaallah.

I met with P** yesterday to discuss on a course that I'm supposed to take next semester. One more course left to go that was prescribed for me and this one is taken from the Master's in Marketing course. The reason was that the school thought it could be useful in the area that I proposed to work on in my application last time ~ Marketing Professional Services. Well... I intend to forego this one actually for next semester coz I thought I wanna focus on my proposal development (and also had enough with courses *LOL*) so I initiated an apppointment with the Director of postgrad yesterday. I talked, explained and justified myself but failed *frustrated!*.

So, this one gut feeling had been wrong. I had been thinking (and feeling) all along that I might get approval to skip this course, somehow I feel it strongly......but proved wrong. Not all of our good feelings are right and not necessarily all our bad feelings lead to negative outcomes.... So.. guess have to go with it next semester and the plan that I have in mind, kind of twisted a bit, just a bit though. Will inform about this to my sv afterwards. Owh... if you are wondering of such nonsense on getting away with courses... believe me, at the level of study I'm doing... the decision to take up courses or not are up to the Director's discretion thus very subjective indeed, so I heard.

Owh... he, my sv came to my place yesterday after receiving my email. Once I was in school, I emailed him to say thank you for his call and concern (+ the articles) and said that I'm up and running now. Heather, Hazel and Daisy also came by for hi & bye and kept me updated bits and pieces on the class that I missed.

Owh...Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers who are readers or non-readers to my blog....I remember during my school days, Teacher's Day has always been one of my favourites... of course with parties, food, musics and gift giving....Congratulations to all teachers who have done good deed to our nations and keep up the good work! * I would imagine Farhana and Dik An are prepared with wrapped prezzies for their teachers, will call them today*

Okay... that's all, I guess....till then!! Have a wonderful weekend ahead, friends!! Come back in one piece :P


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Serve me right!

Huhuuu.. what kind of topic provocation am I putting there? hehe .. I would imagine those makcik wokz *whom I luv, tho* would be all ears and eyes wide open to read and see what kind of punishment comes my way now ahah!! kakakakaka

Well... this is something I have to admit...since last night I have been feeling not well, really *ok, ok kutuk laaaaaa aku kasi can!!! uwaaaaaaaaaa*. I thought I felt like having fever already *ok, ok kutuk la lagiiiiiiii!!! uwaaaaaaaaaa*. My body started to ache all over (macam nak sengal2 badan tu) and those normally are symptoms for fever *ok, ok, kutuk la lagiii!!! uwaaaaaaaa* kahkahkahkah.. yer... mmg pon.. udah la badan rasa tak sedap smlm.. isk.. aku pon ngutuk diri sendiri sebenonyer smlm.... *buat lagi alasan, kan Tuhan dah bayo cash! ndak sgt! adehhhhh*...And I am soooooo worried that I might actually fall sick. Ya Allah, ampunilah dosa2ku...jauhkanlah penyakit dari diriku ini ya Tuhanku... amin.... I can't afford to fall sick, I cant. Byk kerojer menanti nak dibuat....Cukup-cukup lah aku reka-reka sakit demam kelmarin huhuuuuuu....

So, as usual, when the symptoms are there.. I will need to do prevention...and also utk sedapkan ati... pepagi ni.. I said to myself *out loud, occay!* that, "ni badan aku kurang air ni..". I've been drinking less water now, I noticed.. so haruslah aku minum bergelen-gelen air harinih... dan bersedia lah aku asyik berjalan ke ladies room beratus-ratus kali hr nih *ok, aku exaggerate la tang ni :P*. Tak kisah beratus kali pon, janji jgn demam. And mlm ni kena bersedia lah ngambik panadol soluble.. harusssss...

Secondly, hrm... I am a bit guilty actually.. for reka-reka those tale yg aku demam kelmarin hikhikhik....although amidst that guilty feeling... I can almost see my smug face, 2 in 1 gitu camana tuh??? huhuuu.. idak ler.. I received few concern calls from my colleagues...even from my supervisor!!!! yeap!.. they asked me if I'm alright (smlm lah ni) .. actually I only told one person *coz nak inform that I couldnt attend the class tu kan* and I guess one lead to another and that brings the true meaning of word-of-mouth hehehehe....So..when sv called me yesterday the number appeared as private so I thought it was my mom as it always were. Nope, it's his voice and aku tak sempat nak buat suara2 seorang pesakit demam hahahahaha!! tapi aku cakap, smlm (read: kelmarin) jer demam hr ni dah ok.. cuma badan mcm kurang sihat *hambikkk ko, ptg tu kan aku tak berapa sedap badan, daulat tu!*.. owh he just wanted to give 2 articles on my research area *baik eks? eh bukan, concern lebih sehsuai* and he found me no where at my place *I have always been in the school and he knows that, that's why*. So okaylah...... then Daisy also called... Lizzie also and even send me email... and the best part is.. Lizzie attach kat aku nota utk hari yg aku ponteng tu kau!!!!!! Terharu ke idak??? Sebab aku tak mintak and tak terpkir pon nak mintak actually....erm.. rupanya masih ada yg sayang.. wahahahahahah ampesssss!!

Itu jer lah.. rasa cam dah panjang lebor bebelan pagi nih...owh owh... my niat to go back home kejap for break may come true, you know.. if Allah permit.. insyaallah... I might... during raya perhaps.. coz I think, instead of June that has no occassion, might as well during raya. Insyaallah kalau ada rezeki lebih...So.. kengkawan... boleh dah laa nak plan open house raya bagai!! kuang kuang kuang!!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our car

Yesterday as I mentioned wanted to go to the McD... I didnt huhu.... I thought of just relaxing and lay down for a while....while waiting for hubby to come back from work... when..... the next thing I know when I opened my eyes, it was already dark!! Erm.. I am still not confident of using the car in the dark *night* and especially to go to as far as Lakemba or Punchbowl for some McD treat, altho berkali-kali hubby cakap.. it's ok!!.. tapi.. dalam pada tu.. my hubby has always caya or follow my gerak hati hik hik hik...

Erm.. you see... this car was given to us by N*n***, the one who kutip zakat hr raya hr tu.. to my hubby....I dont know why.. I take it as rezeki lah tu.. he just gave it for free... he has another car already and this car Wira 1.6 has some damage in front due to some kind of accident, it's front bonet was dented and I thought I heard hubby said the radiator is leaking as well. So, N*n*** has two options pertaining to the car , that are; to either send the car for scrap which he could only get 100 dollars out of it or repair which he said it could come up to 4K dollars. So.. one day he asked my hubby what are the things/parts that can be taken from the car, he would just give them to hubby..seeing that they are of no use to himself who are not quite there to repair. So being a foreman for 14 yrs and now a mechanic here, he told N*n*** that of course there are many parts that could be taken there. Then suddenly N*n*** told him that if he can repair, just take it and gave him the key. And of course.... *ni nak perah santan lagi nih*, I have never heard or seen my hubby couldnt settle and repair a Pr*t*n-labeled car before. So the car is up and running smoothly now. Alhamdulillah...

However, I still have that takut perasaan for the unexpected to happen if we go somewhere jauh and especially in dark thinking that if something happen, susah la sikit kan nak handle back to my intro story just now...I opened my eyes when it was already dark.. so I said, maybe next time.. bukan ngidam sesangat2 pon kan...

I slept pretty early yesterday.. and woke up fresh this morning.. did cover for my lack of sleep the night before yesterday. Lunch is already prepared for today, early this morning.. so.. what's there left for me to do at home today? huhu lepak lagi ke jawab nyer?? heheheheh.... idak ler kot.. skals skala oklah merayau2.. nanti2 kang, I need to download and print out 1 or 2 articles just to fill up my day and also to remind myself that..."I am a student here" hik hik hik..

That's all I guess... nothing interesting yesterday except that I really enjoy my day at home at full blast!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hari ini dalam sejarah...(updated 1.20pm)

As much as today's date is a historical one to us Malaysians,...I myself too mark my own history today....hiks!


Later least lemme finish with my assignment first lor...will come back later.


Nak tau sejarahnyer yg aku buat harini? hik hik hik... aku ponteng kelas hari nih!!
hehehehee...aku tak tau camana tah...nervous break down tahap gaban kot...tak penah lagi aku ponteng...aku bgn pagi cam biasa ler..nyudahkan keje...idak ler siap lagi kat umah tetiba *ting!!* aku terasa malas nak gi kelas.. huhuuuu...Amran tak support sebenonye aku monteng2 ni...dia ni actually jenis yg firm and brani hadapi kenyataan gitu and sgt konpiden orgnyer di atas apa yg dia buat.. opposite lak dgn aku ni huhuuuuu...tapi dah aku rengek2 *pinjam feveret word bro aku tuh* manja kat dia... dgn seribu macam alasan hahahahaha... last last dia kata.. ikut suka laaa... hiks! meks terus tersenyum riang! hahahaha dasar sunggoh!! Amran kata kat aku... hadapinyer... apa2 pon hadapi juga... sbb ni mmg sesuatu yg aku kena erk.. aku tak konpiden sgt2 kali nih.. utk menghujahkan kritik aku.. disamping pulak...ada 3 lagi soklan cepu mas yg aku tak dan nak buat.. *yer kali ni mmg aku tak dan nak buat* ini utk diskas jugak.. so, the sejarah that I mark today is... I chicken out! period.

Jadi sebab tu lah.. aku tiada di YM... sbb aku takmo 'bersua muka' dgn colleaque aku sorang tu.. Johra hehehee... aku bagi alasan pada Becky and Jack himself, aku demam...hehe dasar! Aku of kos la email Jack to inform him kan.. plus to submit the assignment gaks.. so this time submit via email lah...

Hrm... rasa2nya aku ni kategori workaholic gak kot...under normal situation, aku mmg look forward utk ke tempat keje and context sekarang, ke school... sebab tu bila gomen cadangkan cuti maternity sampai 3 bulan or 75 hari tu.. aku personally agak kureng bersetuju.. tokleh bayangkan laa apa aku nak buat kat umah... mmg le layan anak of kos kan dah cuti maternity.. tp.. 2 bulan tu pon dah sihat betui dah kot... haaaa sure Bat, Iza buntang mata dah tu nengok aku? kekekeke.. mesti korang kata aku takde anak lagi.. tak merasa bela baby lagi buleh laa cakap gini eks.. belum ada bonding sebegitu hehehe mungkin jugak, kan? Entah la.. tunggu ajer bila masanyer tiba nanti...

So.. aku idak lah ke school *obviously, nak mati?? habih la peranan DQ aku kang!!LOL*... aku kat umah jer ni...sbb tu kejap log in kejap log out.. tau pon nak jimat letrik, bill tenet bagai kan hahahaha...aku seolah2 bercuti harini.. serius! Macam MC sungguh la dok umah.. lepak dpn laptop... nap jap.. tp tk berapa mau lena.. isk..jenguk2 ke dapur jap.. apa menda yg aku nak bikin dah mentelah aku free hr ni kan.. ingat nak buat bun ke roti haper2 ke.. kalo rajin laaa... tp at this point, idak ler menjadi lagi roti nyer pon...

Artikel aku tak bawak balik.... so idak le nak buat reading ke haper2 kan for research *dasar kan?* Hrm... lama dah rasanya tak rasa sebegini...betul2 at ease of mind.. macam aku ni bukan student kekdahnya.. even ahad pon, menyongket kemana pon.. aku mesti gaks selak-selak gak selai dua artikel2 tu.......ehh ptg kang kalo gi makan kat McDonald pon beshh kan? huhuuuu...jap tepon!...............beress dapat approval! kekeke apa ajer yg Amran tak approve aku nih....manja terlebih jer aku ni kat dia... huhuuuuu....monteng tadi la kot yg dia tak baper berkenannyer...hiks!

Masa aku cuba2 nak melenakan mata jap tadi,... aku terasa cam... tak sabonyer dah habih blajo and balik Mesia...yeap.....then fikiran aku menerawang lak ke masa aku kat Kelantan... work, tp family tak best sbb lonely jugak kekdahnya.. ok.. then transfer ke Perak... family, farhana ada, masuk umah baru.... best, tp working environment tak berapa best... I mean.. up to the point yg aku start cuti blajo and nak further hari tu..... I still dislike my work environment *yg aku sendiri mintak*. What happened was..... something like... I started off working in the new environment on the wrong foot.. haa gitu la lebih kurang cakap omputehnyer,...and now.. kat Sydney... pon yg aku ndak, ndak sangat jugak.... work,, the place tp.. family lak jauh kan...So... what I can conclude dalam aku berangan2 tadi is.....aku takkan dapat semuanya yg aku nak...ada trade off nyer.. gitu lah lebih kurang... Lepas2 ni.. apa pulak agaknyer yer...

Haaa okeh laaaa...harini cuaca panas lak.. tp rumah aku ni sejuk...

dah la....

opsss p/s : Bat... dah copy ke nota2 harini dalam sejarahnyer.. agak2 nyer ada ke menda2 faedah yg ko buleh blajo nih? hahahaha ke buang karen jer *LOL*

Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend pictures with autumn themes...

Here are some pictures taken over the weekend...Lemme start with food indulgence first as I was tagged by adikku Sue-aleen on food *macam tau-tau ajer ahkak ni pemakan orgnyer huhu* Oh, before that, there are rules actually.. hehehe supposed to i. tell readers food we make; ii. upload photos if possible; iii. reason for making such dish/es. Well.. the answer to rule #iii is obvious to me..utk isi perot jugaaaa hehehehe....actually I tingin nak makan menda2 ni.. tu yg buat menda2 ni.. Rule #ii - here they are. Rule #i - over the weekend, I made kuay teow goreng (tak dak gambar), ketam masak lemak cili padi and chinese style noodle soup...and as for the ice cream.. i beli ler tuuuu hiks! Recipe?? huhu...

The ketam masak lemak cili api.. is the normal lemak cili api that we used to make...blend together bawang besar + cili padi + kunyit ~ in my case, I just put kunyit serbuk. Then, put the blended ingredients in the periuk, add serai, add asam keping, add the ketam, add garam and put to boil a while.. then lastly add santan. With api kecik, once the masakan about to boil jgn ditinggalkan yer para penonton sekalian.. kena sentiasa kacau..kalau idak, pecah lemak gittew.. jadik kesimpulannya... masak lemak ini hanya sehsuai utk org2 yg rajin masak sahaja...which means, I'm excluded here *LOL*. I prefer to letak atas dapur and tinggal and multi wat menda lain huhuuuu dasar!!

As for the chinese style noodle soup, - tumis bawang putih, add in chicken stock - in my case kuib ayam sajer + water *ikut nak buat kuah byk mana*.. senang amatz!, add garam then put to boil..then put in la the fishball and fishcake and whatnot...utk makan, campor segala sayuran that u'd like.. taugeh ka, tauhu ka, daun sup/bawang ka, bawang goreng ka, cili padi kicap ka.. things like that...itu jer...

As for the exact amount of the ingredients.. erm... to be honest, I takdak specific amount yer huhu.. main buh + campak2 ajer.. kekeke.. * sbb tu masak lemak ketam tu terpedas amatz!* Tp sebab sedap *to my liking*, blasah jer la...

Ok. Here goes...

Below are sceneries taken somewhere in my univ..these two sunsets were taken from my place at level 3.

And I shall title these pictures down here as .."Autumn in UNSW"

And this one, "Autumn di depan rumahku"

As for these ones, I shall title them as .."Autumn di hatiku..."

Itu ajer..

updated @ 9.37am
Thanks soooo much to Kak Tenah for her tips.. and I hope she doesnt mind *dah mintak izin, walaupon blm dapat respon LOL* I paste the link of today's entry here so that easily I can read back her tips on this one..

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Overdue tag by Delinn

25 things that I repeat on working day

1. Bangun
2. Ke toilet dan selesaikan urusan2 yg seangkatan dengannya
3. Semayang
4. Berjalan ke dapur *LOL* [ nak bagi cukup2 25 items hahaha]
5. Masak air
6. Tanak nasi
7. Buat bekfes dalam keadaan tergesa2nya…
8. Masak lunch merangkap dinner dalam keadaan tergesa2nya.. yer..
9. Bancuh 2 mugs of hot drinks… Nescafe panas dan teh o (campur 3 atau 4 ketul ais)
10. Siapkan 2 tupperware bekalan utk bekfes & lunch
11. Mandi
12. Lepas mandi, lumur laks dgn losyen – tangan2 dan kaki2
13. Dalam keadaan tergesa (eeeiii tergesa ajer aku nih!!), bersiap pakai baju. Tudung udah digosok yach di hujung menggu
14. Apply toner
15. Apply moisturizer
16. Apply foundation
17. Buh bedak compact
18. Buh gloss
19. Buh lipstick
20. Sembur perfume
21. Pakai tudung
22. Pakai jam tangan
23. Kemas2 buku2 masuk ke dalam bag ( tu diaaa buku2 tang last skali noooo dasar sangat!!)
24. Minum nescafe ( tadi tu bancuh and put atas meja ajer.. bg suam2 kuku.. siap sumer baru minum ~ dalam keadaan sempat la, tak sempat kalu.. buh dalam mug thermos and bawak ke school)
25. Menuju ke school ~ samada menapak atau naik keter
26. Boleh dak nak buat yg ke 26??? Kuang kuang kuang..masuk lif, tekan sendri jugaaaaaa kekekeekke

And with due respect, I am tagging:
a. Cheeky wife
b. Wa
c. Ayu
d. Iza
e. Bat

Friday, May 9, 2008

Datelines and deadlines

Before I proceed with today's goes the ending of what happened last time with me, Yatz and Naemah in Kelantan like I told in my previous concluded/completed by Yatz.. showing that.. yeap she still remember those moments hehe..*taken from her comment in previous entry*

"yer sy igt every momment tu kak ija..igt ulat yg comel2 dari buah honey dew tu..igt yg uols terlompat2 tgk ulat tu. dan masih igt sy dgn machonya ambik sume buah2 tu dah tohok ke bakul sampah. keh keh keh".

hehe.. of course I have seen lots of maggots and ulat2 whatever not in tong sampah or in buah2an in my life.... but I think at that time, I have never seen such banyak ulat in a honey dew! Mengeronyot giler!! *udahlaa kome tak lalu nak makan harini hahahahaha*

Alright... I think I have been 'lagho-ing' for quite some time already since the last presentation day *concerning my research, I mean* guess I have to be back on track *selama ni ter keluo track ke?? huhuu* and focus on my work. I have three important dates to remember and ponder *ponder tuh!* in June 08...... What are the occassion for those dates????

10 June 08 - Presentation for major assignment for Jack & John's courses ~ proposal

13 June 08 - Submission of major assignment for Jennifer's course - data analysis & write up

16 June 08 - Submission of major assignment write up for Jack & John's courses ~ proposal

Habessssssssss ini jugaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... aku nak joli sejolinyerrrrrr kekekekekeke....I have plans already actually for June. I have always preferred to celebrate as a way of releasing my tense & stress on any courses/exams/nerve-wrecking presentations etc etc almost immediately after those occasions (rasa macam kurang sesuai lak guna word 'occasion' for this context, tp vocab aku lemah, so blasah jer la). Baru lahh terasa syok dan nikmatnyer!! Tapi yg ampess skali tu aku nih..... assignment belum pon menampakkan rupa di atas kertas..., aku dah merancang apa aku nak buat utk enjoy kakakakakakak dasar sangat! As for the plan, later later lah citer.

Owh... Delinn tagged me a day before yesterday on '25 things that we repeat every working day'...erm.. am still thinking of whether I should work/write on that or not... coz..normally 2 or 3 days in a week I'll wake up very early and therefore my life pattern twist a bit than the rest of 4 or 5 not sure which one she's referring to * alasan sangat takmo buat lah tuh LOL*

And, another thing is... I've removed the ticketfactory countdown to the bottom of this page. Reason being??
1. Meks tertekan tiap kali load page nih and mata ini tertangkap disitu!!! Tertekan aku!
2. Tidak pasti dan kurang yakin samada aku boleh achieve dak aim aku yg tu.. to defend in 6 months time...jadik... buat malu jer letak kat atas tu.. so letak kat bawah ajer laaa..apa2 pon... aku masih berdoa moga-moga tercapai niatku yg ini... amin....

Okay......have a great and wonderful weekend everybody!! As for me, will be spending mine in front of this PC.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Yatz, her birthday & the memoirs...

Happy Birthday Yatz!! Yang ke berapa yer?? hik hik hik...Masih muda dan cun *pomot skets* tapi yang pasti dan penting... another year wiser!! Semoga awak dilimpahi rezeki, diberi kebahagiaan.. berjaya mencapai apa yg diingini...serta hidup lebih diberkati hendaknya...amin...

Ada celebration ke korang??? Aku jeles weh!! Aku jeles campur sedih ni wehhhh...
Baper tahun eks dah kenal?? huhuu..since 2005 kot kalau tak silap *kalau silap ni sure aku kena bantai nih*..ingat dak masa kak ija buat raya open house and masa tu awak ngan naemah still baru lagi kat situ and.. alaaa skema amatz la kan kan kan.. datang awal umah kak ija.. dgn niat nak nolong apa2 yg patut in the preparation.. hehehe tp dah setel sumer dah masa tu... Awak ingat dak (Naemah ingat dak?? Awak still baca kan blog kak ija ni, I presume?? Abess tuuu apesal tak taruk sepatah dua kata sini?? huhuuu) ..ter side track lak.. tu iklan penaja kejap utk yg berkenaan shj hehehehe...

Anyway, back to Yatz.. awak bawak buah honey dew kan kan?? and nak tolong potong2kan utk dihidang2kan kan?? tetiba!!!! ingat dak apa jadi????? kekekekekeke sesuatu yg kak ija rasa kak ija tak penah tgk seumur hidup *at that point* hehehehehe...maleh nak citer, tang ni tunggu tuan punyer badan atau ex-osmet tuan punyer badan sambung sket part tu huhuuuuuu..*tk paham lagi tak tauuu laaa hiks!!*

Anyway, we've become close eks Yatz eversince? I dont know, we just clicked together... Me being the penakot one dok sengsorang kat umah tu.. and u being a good & understanding friend had always accompanied me there during thsoe times.... *elehhh cakap jer laa nak dok bilik air-cond kan kan kan???* opssssssss kakakakakakaka..time memasing free, lunch sesama, dinner sesama.. gi pasar jumaat times bekfes gak sesama plus aerobic sesama.....*plus goss sesama LOL* huhuuuu.. to that extent not only us, but anybody would be developing such a close and tight friendship...

Jugak such a supportive friend with all those wonderful encouraging words which never stops till now! Love and appreciate that...

Korang ada celebration dak nih?? Kak Ija bukan nak 'perah santan' tapi... rasa-rasanya sejak kak Ija pindah Perak dulu... all those compulsory meaningful events dah stop eks?? Coz tak dengo citer2 dah pasal tu.. so kalau betul, boleh dak Kak Ija assume dan conclude dgn mengatakan.. yg Kak Ija ni magnet yg dok tengah2 korang-korang aka event planner? kakakakakaka.

I think those times, from small crowd dah expand sampai ke almost 10 org kot geng2 kita kan..real close ones la I mean and.. mmg akan buat birthday parties mengikut bulan.. aku ni seksiteri gaks *bukan Delinn jer* yg nyimpan birthdate geng2 tuh...siap tukang ngatur gak bila dan bila....those yg lahir bulan yg sama, group together to hold a birthday bash.. alaa makan2 session kat mana2 food outlet there in Kelantan.. tp seronok weh sbb.. kalau tak silap.. rasanya.. selang sebulan kot if not every month ada makan2 session gitu...Aku dgn Faizah (hope u're reading this) would hold the sponsor-org-makan event in August tapi kan... kehkehkeh.. dgn arus duniawi ni.. mmg takkan lari dpd terlupa besday2 org nih.. org kata jauh di mata tp dekat di hati...yer ker?? hehehe aku rasa macam it still needs to be dekat di mata jugak in order to sustain a strong relationship/friendship. Tak kisah la.. even in virtual space pon... kalau selalu sembang/email/leave note..pon I think boleh consider gak dekat di mata walaupon secara fizikalnya jauh di mata.. yer.. aku rasa, I should be thankful to Friendster and Facebook for such reminder that they have...besa la kan.. dgn arus duniawi, we tend to forget and overlook. Tak kisah wish backdate pon coz it's the thought that counts...*Tapi aku nak besday card realllllllll gaks noooooo* LOL.

So Yatz, as I'm writing this, am listening to this one of my fav songs "All good things come to an end"....rasa sedih la pulak Yatz...reminiscing all good moments with all of u guys..especially u.....I was really, really happy *selain penakot!* there in Kelantan... but I guess.. beralah jugak as family do come first...but the memory remains...

Last but not least, I hope and pray that our friendship will last forever.. amin...dengan ucapan terakhir..." hapdetttttttt la blog ittew!!! haiyyyohhhhhh!"

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Some ramblings..

This time around I managed to finish my assignment before 10am on the submission day *big grin* kehkehkeh...and gets to wander in the virtual space while waiting for my class afterwards at 11.00am. huhuuuu

I have no idea of what to blog today....perhaps after class afterwards...

Just a thought..

Putting blogging in context, writing leisurely very much depends on how much our real life touches our mood and emotions. Those who are very good at reading what's-not-there in the visible writing and/or ability to read between the lines can actually see/feel how one feels from a mere blog entry and/or comments....and thus see how one's real life is reflected in their writings in this space...therefore, as much as blogging or chatting or whatever not that exist in this environment today, seems to be an escapism/batu loncatan/tpt utk cakap berkias2 platform, there is an invisible connection between reality and virtual reality...... okeh, some ramblings for today!

Time to geraks to class!!


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bat, her birthday & conversations between 2 friends

Ija (6/05/2008 1:57:57 PM): weh! besday bat la hr ni... ko tau dak
XXX (6/05/2008 3:15:48 PM): oh hari ni ke?
Ija (6/05/2008 3:15:58 PM): haa itu ler
Ija (6/05/2008 3:16:06 PM): NHK wish dalam blog bat
Ija (6/05/2008 3:16:09 PM): br aku tau!!
XXX (6/05/2008 3:16:14 PM): oooo
Ija (6/05/2008 3:16:14 PM): dia cuti 2 harini niko
Ija (6/05/2008 3:16:15 PM): kot
XXX (6/05/2008 3:16:20 PM): kot la
XXX (6/05/2008 3:16:24 PM): takpe nnti aku sms dia
Ija (6/05/2008 3:16:57 PM): kim salam kat dia eks.. hope she's happy on her besday
Ija (6/05/2008 3:17:14 PM): aku cam risau tak sedap ati jer dgn minah tu.. taktau pesal
XXX (6/05/2008 3:17:17 PM): wokesss
XXX (6/05/2008 3:17:28 PM): laa kenapa lak ko tak sedap ati
Ija (6/05/2008 3:17:52 PM): entah ahahahah riso dia makan kek byk sgt kot!!! hahahaha
Ija (6/05/2008 3:17:56 PM): okeh la.. kim salam eks
XXX (6/05/2008 3:18:19 PM): wokeh
XXX (6/05/2008 3:18:23 PM): aku buat sms dulu
Ija (6/05/2008 3:18:26 PM): ok..
XXX (6/05/2008 3:48:33 PM): bat baru reply
XXX (6/05/2008 3:48:36 PM): mc katanya
Ija (6/05/2008 3:48:37 PM): and?
Ija (6/05/2008 3:48:39 PM): ooo
Ija (6/05/2008 3:48:43 PM): tak sihat ke/.?
XXX(6/05/2008 3:48:44 PM): allergic + sakit belakang dia tuh
XXX (6/05/2008 3:48:56 PM): dah lama dia kena sakit belakang tuh
Ija (6/05/2008 3:48:57 PM): oooohhh lahhh.. tu lah.. dah rasa2 dah dia tak sihat
Ija (6/05/2008 3:49:06 PM): lahaiiii on her besday lak tuh
XXX (6/05/2008 3:49:07 PM): kuat instinct ko ek
Ija (6/05/2008 3:49:17 PM): kekekeke
Ija (6/05/2008 3:49:26 PM): so esok dia masuk opis?
Ija (6/05/2008 3:49:32 PM): *aku ni cakap macam aku ni opismate dia*
XXX (6/05/2008 3:49:44 PM): ekekekekek

Dear Bat,
Happy Besday naaaa.... ni haa special entry tuk ko nih.. sbb hr tuh ko ada isi borang request kan kan kan?? Dah sampai kat borang ko dah ni... heheheehehe

Get well soon!


p/s: Bat, ko tau kan sape XXX tu kan hehehehe

Of stress and achievement...

Bumped into Lay Peng and Daisy yesterday afternoon in the printing room and.... both asked me the same question.."are u okay, Ija? You look stressful!" hehehehe.. I was!! and still am!! Stress laaaaaaa sampai laaaa ni masih terkial-kial dgn aku nyer analitical skills nihhhhh uwaaaaa.....Aku rasa aku mmg lemmss lah sket bab analitical skills ni uhuk! Tendency utk tgk at face value ajer...Padahal ini la yg aku akan ngadap sampai aku abessss nanti (mostly laaa) walaupon dah masuk kojer nanti pon requires this skill gaks. Ok, stop membebel.

Tadi cam nak citer2 pasal PTK and the achievement related to it since ini antara berita2 terbaru pasal saing2 aku tu yg aku dengo.... Tapi.. terhilang mood pulak..paper ni punyer pasal lah ni huhuuuu. Kang ah sambung kalo ada mood lagi.

Ok dahhhh... sambung mengayuhhh lagi dan lagi dan lagiiiiii......

Monday, May 5, 2008

Nervous for tomorrow...

Aku nervous nih.... sbb esok nak jumpa Ian...

Dia akan masuk kelas Jack esok... mmg kelas ni macam team teaching sikit...

Laa ni tgh ngerjakan assignment Ian lah...walaupon topik yg menarik minat aku.. tp takut seyyyyyyy.. sbb last sem aku amik paper dia... manjang jer dapat markah rendah.. yg fail pon ada ! (<70)


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend rendevous - the activities


Went to Sydney Fish Market for my once-in-a-blue-moon-dose of seafood haven. This time my seafood basket was dominated by grilled crabs than other seafood course.

Dropped by at my place for Zohor prayer and hurriedly went out again to look for gifts for babies. Grabbed 2 items and straight away went to Shirah & Pyan's place. Umar is such a beautiful baby! Didnt get to go visit Fizah though as it was already approaching Maghrib.. thought it's not appropriate to visit newborn babies malam2, kan?

Back home, worked on my laksa. Rezeki was on my side coz there were loads of fresh sardines at the Sydney Fish Market (one of my reason going there was to find ikan for my laksa with ikan tongkol opss mackeral & canned sardines being my last options for darurat :P). So bought 1.5 kg of them which Yanie said, that's a whole lot to feed only for 2 tummies. heheh! ( I know.. have never make bihun sup ayam or mee kari without inviting or bagi sesikit to neighbours). No bunga kantan though coz couldnt find it but.. sedap ajer pada mulut aku nih yg hantu laksa!


Invited Yanie and Farid over to come for some laksa delight (huhuuuuu) coz... initially I wanted to tapau for them and give them at the badminton game.. but I tapau for both Yanie and Cik Pah... requires me to bring a whole lot of tupperwares there.. so might as well invite them over for makan2 session first before going there together. Afterall, it has been sometime already that I didnt invite anybody home for makan get-together. Ya know.. been bz. Cik Pah didnt make it anyway, so just tapau-ed for her.

On the badminton finale...... suffice to say that I am frustrated!! uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Weekend rendevous

Didnt have anything that interesting to report today except that I study.. did my bit of reading and key-ing in data/information, felt like suddenly seeing a whole new perspectives of my work (and on life as well perhaps hiks!) *terang ati sket kots LOL*

This coming weekend should be a weekend of rendevous although I have 2 submissions on both Tuesday and Wednesday ( yeap.. you can expect to see me panic and frantic on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday *LOL* nothing new..).

There are two new members to our malay society here.. 2 newborn babies.. therefore, insyaallah will spend some time to buy gifts and visit them on Saturday, perhaps.

Still coming to the school as always, insyaallah after those rendevous.

Sunday, gonna be a hell of a pom pom gurl!

Okay.. take care everybody.... have an interesting weekend, I hope!


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Teringin laksa

Tadi gi research seminar presented by Nico who is an exchanged student dari Germany.. eh eh.. ye ke.. yer kot Germany huhuuuu... dia present research dia yg dah siap la... agaknya tak lama lagi nak balik dah kot ke kampung dia hee hee... Apa yg aku nak citer is.... iskkkk.. dia nyer presentation tadi huh dasat2 nyer kena drill dek soklan2 cepu mas... ngeri!! Dah rasa macam ala2 viva la pulak.... entah.. agaknya the Profs tu nampak sangat kot weakness research dia ni.. huh risau aku bila tgk keadaan camtu tadi...although pada aku.. Nico tadi very informational dalam presentation dia...

Aku tgk2 kalendar... *dah macam Bat lak.. dok tenung kalendar hehehe*tu dia... dah bulan 5 eks.. huhuuuu cepatnyerrr masa berlalu... betui.... rasa macam baru jer buat resolution tahun baru and bukak blog kat Blogger nih... then macam baru jer balik dari Mesia bulan 2 hr tu.. ni sedo2 dah bulan 5 you! Dah nak almost half a year dah.. hisyyy tu la.. maknanya aku dok blajo kat sini ni pon tak terasa kot masa berjalan.. pulak tu day-in, day-out dikejor masa.. bukan kita kejor masa... tp..masa yg kejor kita huhuu...ngeri lah jugak...sikit lagi dah nak setahun dok sini... erm... masa mula2 sampai rasa macam terlalu lama aku nak dok sini huhu.. now.. macam nak ditahan2 pulak masa tuh....And sikit lagi dah puasa then raya.. hehe rasa cam baru jer lagik......

Aku ni... benonyer.. kepingin nak makan laksa nih!! Sejak dok sini sekalipon aku tak buat laksa lagi... to be honest.. aku tak tau nak guna ikan apa nak buat laksa kat sini... ikan apa yg sedap tah....sebab aku tak reti sgt nama2 omputeh ikan tp ni dah 3, 4, 5 kali teringatkan laksa... maknanya.. nak kena buat la tu.. aku blasah jer la kang ikan apa..... tgklah weken ni.. sabtu ke kalau kerajinan itu ada...ahad badminton finale.. harusssss aku pegi!

Oh ya...erm... Corina YM aku baru2 ni kabo kekecewaan dia tak dapat anjakan gaji hee hee... to be honest aku dah terlupa lak pasal nih......tapi dah Cor kabo kat aku.... cepat2 aku call la Mesia sajer la tanya ttg aku... but I know.. dulu Kak Nik Maheran masa tgh blajo dulu pon tak dapat gak, KIV. Wonder this time dia dapat ke dak.....saing2 aku nih sure ramai dapat nih kan?? huhuu... best tuh!! Fairos and Wan sure dapat nih!! Senyap2 jer eks! Lupa lak aku nak email depa tanya........ takpelah.. janji aku dah lepas kursus2 yg menderita tuh!! Janji lepas.... yang lain2 tu.. atas rezeki masing2 lah....


Aku baru jer ter-discover something.

One information.

Hrm.... that explains actually.

Memang ironic bagi kes aku actually.

Apa2 pun...semua perkara dalam dunia ni... kalau ditenung2.....dikaji2......ditelek2....ada patternnya yg tersendiri... kalau di-screen-kan (dibersihkan) fluctuations, outliers, missing values dan sebagainya... memang apa yg terjadi atau datang dalam hidup kita ni..... dah nak jadi seolah-olah macam linear relationship...tapi kita tak perasan kot....*aku rasa laa hehehe lom ada sape kaji lagi*

Huh! Aku cakap berkias bagai huhuuuuu......kadang2 aku mmg suka cakap at other times, aku suka direct ajer. Anyway, abaikan ajer eks bebelan ini.

Daaaaaa...harini masih mode santai. Petang kang ada research seminar.

Opsss tadi gi ngadap sv. Basically aku me-report kan apa yg Jack komen semalam.. disamping elaborate sesikit disamping mintak idea dan tunjukarah (direction) dari dia...
Okeh. Later.