Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Aduhaiiii baru teringat wujudnya blog ni....bz campor buat hal2 lain..sampai dah tak ingat there exist this blog. Last update was June...Ok so harini aku nak summarize jer key points on the happenings in my life. Banyak yg significant ones.

  • Irsyad dah 1 tahun alhamdulillah....gigi dah 8 batang..dah meniti2 jalan tapi belum lepas tangan
  • Irsyad suka sangat mengekek2 gelak ngan abang irfannya. Abang irfan nya pulak suka menyakat and buat irsyad gelak
  • Irfan baru lepas perform end year performance at LC ihtifal and showcase for konvocation. Kemain lagi dia menari...alhamdulillah I can see dia boleh ingat steps dia..based on music
  • Aku start my side biz dengan jual Serum Harratt awal bulan 8 haritu. Actually the opportunity comes at the right time and the right place. I was looking for what side business to start sbb tengok on average ramai dah ada side biz....and Sodom approached me tanya nak jadi stokist tak. Aku try dulu serum tu for few weeks and decided ok product tu...bahan2nya pon organic and halal. I believe in the product. So I took up the offer...alhamdulillah sales have been good. Nak kata good sangat tu idakla..ada kala laju ada kala slow. But okla..at least i have side money to save up.
  • Aku pon dah start belajar2 more practical way to do online marketing. Selama ni aku hanya buat teori jer....now on practice. Aku rasa bagus to enhance my skill and satu line ngan bidang kepakaran aku...
  • Aku kena pegang balik postgrad for EMBA..haritu dah rehat setahun due to maternity.
Itu jer buat masa ni.

Monday, June 6, 2016

First day of ramadhan

Its the first day of ramadhan and here i am..early in the morning just now asked amran of when to buy baju raya?? hehehehehe
Anyways, its irsyad's first ramdhan with us...welcome baby..enjoyy ramadhan! hehehe

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Irsyad dah tumbuh gigi!

Irsyad dah tumbuh 2 batang gigi bawah sekaligus..last week..badan dia dedo2 jer.
Dah start bagi solid..so far dah try on apple, pisang, avocado, labu. Harini start on papaya. Apple dia so-so sbb mebbe the 1st food he every tried on...pisang he loves it..avocado the babysitter said he doesnt want..labu i gave him the other day and he ate it..but later on sort of gas..so i stopped for the moment..and today papaya hope he likes it. 7 months onwrd i will start with rice,

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Baby approaching 6 months

Baby will turn 6 months this weekend...and thus far he caught fever twice in 2 weeks time. Thats possibly due to the heat thats affecting us. Luckily he recovered in a day time after continuous sponging and one or two doses of pcm. I had to give him at last after his temperature reached 38 and i was too scared to take the risk. Never a risk taker anyway. 
Anyway, we had his akikah sometime 2 weeks ago...on 2nd april to be exact..it was just a simple do this time..dunno whether due to 2nd child syndrome or due to economic down that i cut down the budget. We had turqoise green as the theme. Alhamdulillah all went well.
Irfan on the other hand is doing well at school. So far i have joined his first ever preschool trip to the fire brigade nearby his school...it was sure a good experience for him as this is his first visit to such place and with his friends. He sure did enjoy his time there as i can see. Then i also attended hos mini sukaneka organized by kptm nearby also. I could see that he can understand instructions and did well in the game. This is also his first sports activity with school and friends. .
About school at little caliph, i also noticed lots of improvement on his good self. He can recite al fatihah now..and doa makan. His skills at holding pencil is also improved and he can trace down lines better now than last year when we had this activity. He also could read the basic lil caliph phonics such as ma na ba da etc. .
Alhamdulillah hope he'll continue the good work. As for me, today is my first attempt to ganti puasa. Hope im strong enough to endure the day as im breastfeeding...had just kopok lekor, coffee with almond milk, kurma and the supplements.

Monday, March 21, 2016

5 mo baby irsyad

Today my baby turns 5 months..feel like he was just born yesterday and now already 5 mo...
He has started roll over since 2 weeks ago...only recently he's more active in rolling over...
And I have bought new toy to play around in the house...a Black & Decker steam mop!! Needed to have that to kill germs while cleaning the house..

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Irsyad is 4.5mo ....and today he officially will drink EBM + FM milk huhuu sob sob...he now consume about 21oz of milk from 8am - 6pm..phewwww makes me really work hard to keep the supply going hhehhee my bff now include kurma, kismis, habatussauda, susu badam and nursing tea. Havent tried lobak putih though as mom said that it's sejuk...takot angin baby....Will try one day. Will do what it takes so that this campor-campor milk will only be temporary.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Kiddies updates

Ya Allah lamanyaa tak update. Last was irfan mula enrol in preschool..Today already marked 2 months him in that school...so far Alhamdulillah he's doing fine...suka pegi skolah..takda ragam2 alhamdulillah..Prolly due to many activities and friends..
As for baby, he's ok in nursery..but recently he developed eczema. I think red patches started developed after he got his 1 mo vaccine shot. I didnt notice then. I thought it was ruam susu..So I take care as usual...put creams this and that..the rash goes on and off. But not that bad anyway. The rash subsided..and flare ups again after he got his 2 mo vaccination. There goes again..and this time very stubborn rash. I think my intake of cow's milk and gluten also add to the cause. Last month he was scratching like hell....especially at night...until i realized perhaps i have to limit my chicken, seafood and egg intake as well. So there goes my fav food all the way down the drain! hahaha
However I noticed his red flare reduced, improved a lot after I started limit intake of those food that could cause the allergy. I am still reading and digging for more info..At the mo, am taking poevoo, al manna, madu as supplement..and put on Ceradan cream as prescribed by the paed, Bud's soothing cream and evco onto his skin..Looked better and improving alhamdulillah
Irsyad is 4 mo now..he smiles a lot....respond to people's gestures and coaxing...laugh/giggles when we make funny face or exercise his hands and legs with 1-10 count..I dont what is so funny about counting 1-10 but he love it and giggles a lot at it!. He also is alert to sounds, rattles, objects shown in front of him and can now hold them. He hasn't roll over just yet though.
WORK?? same ol same ol.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2016 Irfan enrol in a preschool

Yeah...so irfan turn 4 this year and we thought its probably the right time to enrol him into a preschool this year. Actually the nursery he went last year was good for him and he likes it so much alhamdulillah. But I thought perhaps he could learn a thing or two in a day this year rather than just tv and play and dont know what else he did there. The babysitters are all so kind and love him, so I sent baby irsyad to the same nursery this year, at 2.5 mo. Alhamdulillah so far they said he's easy to take care of.
After searching for the right school for him..I finally settled with a preschool thats close to my office. Actually I think the best should be one nearby our home..so that if I'm on MC/leave or work outstation, it wouldnt cause a chaos for husband to send him. But, the preschool there is located on the 1st floor of  shoplots...and me just had my delivery and confinement dont think I can climb up and down the stairs every single day to send and fetch irfan if we were to send him there. Of course I wont let irfan to climb up and down all by himself..and hubs just couldnt commit due to some constrain on his office hours. Therefore irfan schools nearby my office.
First day..I was already nervous and could not sleep! irfan slept like a baby of course hahaha. Thats because I was nervous that irfan doesnt want to go to that school. I had that expwrience last year..lots of them so i know..Irfan is very close to me and clingy..he wants to be near me all the time. So on the first day he crieddd of course, keep on saying he wants mommy. I waited for about 1 hr...just after I left, the teacher said he's ok already and joined the activities. I know irfan, he likes to play and having activities...its just that he wants me to be around him. The same drama goes for that 1 whole week! phewww. I had to wait for an hour...and later spied on him by the side gate. And I made sure I came early to fetch him so that, when he comes out of the front door..he knows that i am already waiting for him. Anyhow, thank God alhamdulillah on 2nd week he stopped crying already..and willing to go to school.
Today Im back in my office...the 1st day of work after 3 months on maternity leave.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

It's the new year 2016!!! *fireworks pompompom* 🎇🎇🎇

So its already 2016 alhamdulillah dipanjangkan umur masuk ke tahun ni..azam tahun baru untuk menjadi muslim yang lebih baik, beriman dan bertaqwa..amin..
Actually nak sambung citer dengan confinement..tapi nanti nantilah..citer pasal kehidupan dengan adanya second baby dulu yah..
I'm still on my maternity leave and hence has been a fulltime house wife. Life has been so hectic, occupied and meaningfull than ever! Irfan doesnt want to go to nursery while im at home...and there goes. Not only im bz handling the lil baby..but also big brother who at this stage demand more attention from me since the arrival of the baby. Sometimes i barely had time to eat breakfast, other times i only managed to start cooking at 12pm! Baby sometimes woke up early and sometimes later than 9am. So the routine goes....nursing and changing baby,s diaper..and he goes back to sleep. Thats when i hurriedly prepare and have breakfast, prep ingredients for lunch. And if irfan be a good boy that day i get to bath him early. So half of housechores almost done. When baby wakes up, bath the baby..let him relax and i cook for lunch.
Baby normally wants to nap at 12pm...so afterwhich i gets to relax have lunch, feed irfan lunch n play with him andy gives him 100% attention. Noon around 6pm the husband comes back from work, is perhaps the most awaited moment in a day..for me to pass over baby to him! Hahahah. Normally i go to bed very early as im very exhausted by 9pm already. Of course there will be frequent wakes in the night to nurse the baby and change his diaper. We have been so relax before the baby arrives as irfan is already approaching 4 yrs old.
But life has been so meaningfull than ever.